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The Real Reason Valkyrae Is Cutting Way Back On Streaming

Valkyrae is one of the biggest streaming personalities on the web. Although she experienced a meteoric rise in 2020, she was a dedicated to her craft long before that. After committing to Twitch in 2015, Valkyrae began streaming almost daily on the site for long hours before moving to YouTube in 2020. Even with misfortunes such as a stalker flying out to visit her earlier in 2022, she has maintained a consistent streaming schedule on YouTube. 

This year, Valkyrae has uncharacteristically taken two breaks from streaming, with the most recent due to traveling to Japan with the OTV crew. She explained that she couldn't wait to get back to streaming to her fans during both hiatuses. However, after returning from her Japan trip, Valkyrae abruptly announced that she would follow in Pokimane's footsteps and cut down on her streaming time on YouTube. This surprised fans, as she previously mentioned that she could see herself streaming even into her 80s. But, when Valkyrae further explained her reasoning for taking a step back, many supported her decision.

Valkyrae wants 'a more balanced life'

During the Labor Day weekend, Valkyrae tweeted on her alternate account that she would be cutting back on streaming for the time being. "I love streaming!" she declared. "But [I'm] trying to live a more active life, hangout w/ friends off PC, focus on health & do work outside of gaming!" Reining in her schedule is her way of bringing more balance to her days after eight years of streaming for long sessions almost daily on YouTube and, previously, Twitch. She also noted that the lack of new, attention-grabbing games contributed to her choice to slow down.

In response, many of her fans and friends supported her decision, writing that she deserved a break. Additionally, during a YouTube livestream on the same day (via Jeru TV), Valkyrae gave more details about why she decided to shift away from an intense streaming schedule. She explained that she related to the sentiment of Pokimane's latest video discussing her break and that she would rather focus on quality over quantity moving forward. However, Valkyrae did say that if a new game comes out that she really enjoys, she may stream more often. Details on how less frequent her streams will be remains unknown at this time, but fans should stay tuned to Valkyrae's YouTube channel for updates on the situation if and when the content creator discusses it again.