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Battlefield Has Call Of Duty In Its Crosshairs

When it was announced in January 2022 that Microsoft intended to buy Activision Blizzard, it had the internet going wild. Concerns about the creation of a monopoly have brought Microsoft under scrutiny and possible investigation in the future. It has also raised questions about the future of both publishers' franchises and the possibility of Xbox exclusivity in the future.

This concern is acutely felt among PlayStation users who took the announcement as terrible news. In particular, fans of Activision's "Call of Duty" are concerned that the series will become an Xbox exclusive. While Microsoft has explained that it intends to keep the popular shooter on PlayStation, there is still fear that it could change its mind in the future and even Sony has expressed concerns over Microsoft's ownership of the massively popular series. 

At least one person, however, isn't at all worried about the possibility of "Call of Duty" exclusivity. Indeed, EA CEO Andrew Wilson sees it as a chance for "Battlefield" to really take on "Call Duty" in the military shooter market.

EA CEO says Call of Duty Xbox exclusivity would be a 'tremendous opportunity'

In a statement at a Goldman Sachs conference and reported by journalist Stephen Tolito on Twitter, Wilson explained that, with "Call of Duty" potentially leaving the PlayStation, EA's "Battlefield" franchise could capitalize on the fact that it's not tied to any specific console and will remain available on both Xbox and PlayStation. Were "Call of Duty" to leave PlayStation, Wilson argues, it would be "a tremendous opportunity" for EA and "Battlefield." 

While "Battlefield 2042," the latest entry in the "Battlefield" series, initially received positive reviews, things subsequently got really bad for the game as bugs, bots, lower player counts, and other issues became apparent after launch. DICE and EA were subsequently forced to scale back on the game and the series still appears to be struggling.

Wilson acknowledged these issues, saying that the latest two entries in the series didn't live up to expectation but also expressed a commitment to improving the franchise. Speaking of how a company can "reinvent and grow a franchise," Wilson expressed optimism for the future of "Battlefield."

While there is no indication yet that "Call of Duty" will become an Xbox exclusive, EA certainly seems prepared for such an eventuality and ready to take on "Battlefields" chief competitor.