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Overwatch 2: Every Change To Cassidy That You Need To Know

"Overwatch 2" is just around the corner, bringing a massive overhaul to the multiplayer hero shooter. The sequel brings new heroes, new maps, new modes, and a new battle pass that's making fans' stomachs drop. Unfortunately for long-time fans, the launch of "Overwatch 2" also marks the end of the original "Overwatch," as Blizzard has taken down servers for the first release of the beloved hero shooter ahead of moving the community over to "Overwatch 2." Blizzard has also made some changes that are ruffling fans' feathers, like requiring accounts to now have a phone number attached. That said, the lead-up to "Overwatch 2" hasn't all been bad news.


The new release will also deliver updates and balance changes to existing "Overwatch" heroes. Player favorites like Mercy and Bastion have already had some details revealed about how the characters will change in the sequel, but what about a certain gun-slinging cowboy? Cassidy will have an updated kit in "Overwatch 2," here's every known change from his original iteration.

Every Cassidy change in Overwatch 2

According to Windows Central, Cassidy didn't receive a complete overhaul like some of the other characters, but he did receive a few significant changes. One of the biggest changes is that Cassidy's Flashbang has been swapped out for a Magnetic Grenade. This ability can stick to enemies before it explodes to deal a ton of damage, but it does not stun enemies as Flashbang did. Additionally, Cassidy's alt-fire, Fan The Hammer, has had its fire rate raised.


Cassidy will now be much heartier, with a 50% damage reduction when using his combat roll. On top of that, the cowboy also gets a 40% damage reduction while using his Deadeye ultimate ability. Though Deadeye also takes a little longer to trigger, the ultimate now lasts longer, allowing more time for players to get foes in their sights. Cassidy also benefits from the new DPS buff, which grants increased movement and reload speed for a couple of seconds after getting a kill. 

While Cassidy has had a few modifications, he'll likely feel familiar to anyone who played as him in the original "Overwatch," if not even a little stronger.