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Technoblade Fans Touched By YouTube's Tribute Video

Earlier this year, YouTuber and "Minecraft" player Technoblade died at the age of 23. Technoblade had become an accomplished content creator and gamer, amassing over a million subscribers and establishing himself as one of (if not the) best "Minecraft" players on the planet. His death sent shockwaves through the community, prompting heartfelt tributes from fans and fellow streamers and even immortalization in "Minecraft" itself. Now, YouTube has offered its own tribute in commemoration of what would have been Technoblade's ninth anniversary on the platform.

Announced last week, YouTube uploaded the 8-minute tribute video on October 28. The video bears the title "Technoblade Never Dies," a reference to the catchphrase of the YouTuber and his fans, and features highlights from his career and commentary from his peers. After only seven hours, the touching video had already garnered over a million views and nearly 300,000 likes. Based on this reception and comments on YouTube and other social media, this celebration of Technoblade's life clearly left fans moved.

Technoblade tribute touches fans and raises money for cancer research

At the time of this writing, the YouTube Technoblade tribute had over 16,000 comments, most of which came from fans praising the video and sharing their memories of (and love for) Tecnoblade. "A true friend that all could appreciate. A legend with [an] immortal legacy ... Always there to bring others up even though he was down," wrote one individual. The sequence moved many to tears, with countless, reverent declarations of "Technoblade never dies" appearing throughout the comment section. Similar comments circulated on Twitter.

The tribute also serves as a fundraiser, through which viewers can donate to the Sarcoma Foundation of America to fund education, advocacy programs, and research efforts to find a cure for the disease that led to Technoblade's death. In a matter of hours, the video has raised over $8,500, with donations still incoming. Technoblade's father previously teamed up with Dream, another "Minecraft" YouTuber, to raise money for the foundation and Technoblade himself supported fundraising efforts in the last year of his life.

The video stands as an emotional tribute to a beloved individual and fans can honor him by adding their thoughts and donating to a cause that was clearly close to the hearts of him and his family. Any fans who wish to join in can head to the video or donate to the SFA directly on its website.