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Crime Boss: Rockay City Didn't Get The Reaction It Hoped For

The 2022 Game Awards ceremony was filled with big moments. From Christopher Judge's epic "God of War" speech to the touching tribute to Kevin Conroy and previews of upcoming titles like "Street Fighter 6," there was lots for fans to celebrate. One moment that's not getting the reception the developers probably hoped for, however, was the preview of the upcoming game "Crime Boss: Rockay City."


The reveal certainly had star power and flash behind it. Introduced by actors Michael Madsen, Kerby Joe Grubb, and Damion Poitier — all of whom lend their voices to the game — the trailer revealed other big stars that will be appearing in the title: Kim Basinger, Danny Trejo, Danny Glover and even Vanilla Ice and Chuck Norris. It also featured some great music, big explosions, and pretty much every trope you'd expect to see in a gritty crime story. The developers seem to be going for over-the-top action and excitement, along with some humor and '90s nostalgia.

Unfortunately for InGame Studios and 505 Games, this reveal landed awkwardly with many viewers.

Comparisons to GTA dogged the Crime Boss announcement

If some of the elements of the "Crime Boss: Rockay City" trailer felt familiar to you, you're not alone. Twitter was quickly flooded with comments comparing "Crime Boss" unfavorably to the "Grand Theft Auto" series. Some specifically saw it as a knockoff of "Vice City" while others assumed it was a parody of "GTA" games, meant as covert advertising for the upcoming "Grand Theft Auto 6."


Others took shots at the game for its use of big (or formerly big) stars to draw attention. The presence of Chuck Norris was singled out here as a weaker aspect of the trailer. On the other hand, at least a few people were genuinely excited for the mass media return of Vanilla Ice. Finally, more than a few PC Gamers were frustrated to hear that "Crime Boss" will be exclusive to the Epic Store.

This isn't to say that no one responded positively to the trailer. Some gamers were genuinely excited by the action and won over by the sheer number of big stars in the game. Still, the general sentiment appears mostly negative or apprehensive at the moment. With a new "GTA" game on the way, it seems like "Crime Boss" is stuck in its shadow and this trailer just didn't offer anything to set it apart.