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The PS4 Game That Takes The Longest To Beat

There are a lot of lengthy games on the PS4, to say the least. Take "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt," recently rereleased on PS5, PC, and Xbox consoles as well, which takes 173 hours to fully complete according to HowLongToBeat. The lengthy winter trucking expedition game "Snowrunner" clocks at close to 200 hours for full completion. That being said, the longest PS4 game of them all clearly has a lot to live up to.


A quick disclaimer about the longest PS4 game: Since everyone's playstyle and experience with gaming are different, estimates for game length are inherently subjective. Additionally, there's the fact that beating a game means different things to different people. Some might consider finishing a main story as beating a game whereas others might consider a 100% full completion the only true victory. When all is said and done, we're gauging playtime via the completionist route, so gamers can get the absolute most bang for their buck.

Genshin Impact is PS4's longest title

Out of the top 10 longest PS4 games on HowLongToBeat, "Genshin Impact" has the longest reported time for full completion if we only look at single-player mode. Sure, the main story of Genshin only takes an average of 56 hours to beat, and even adding in some sidequests takes most users up to around the 160-hour mark, but that's not where it ends. Beating "Genshin Impact" to 100% completion takes a whopping average of 510 hours. That's just half a day shy of three weeks, which is clearly quite a time-consuming feat.


"Genshin Impact" is a game that's done incredibly well in sales. It's also won numerous awards. Though the world first saw the action RPG as a "Breath Of The Wild" clone, "Genshin Impact" has greatly exceeded original expectations, making a splash in both the console and mobile markets. Though there are a lot of mobile games on the market, few are as ambitious and lengthy as this open-world title that spans hundreds of hours.

Not only is "Genshin Impact" particularly long –- it continues to receive frequent updates, which adds to the game's playtime. On January 12, 2023, the title saw a huge character leak fans are excited about, as it's yet to launch in the game. There's also a lot of anticipation on when the game may come to the Nintendo Switch.


"Genshin Impact" may not be for the faint of heart given its sizeable time investment, but for those looking for a long-term gaming venture, it certainly fits the bill. In addition to the PS4 version, "Genshin Impact" is playable on iOS, Android, PC, and PlayStation 5.