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The Best Streamers To Watch If You Love GTA Online

Since its launch in 2013, "Grand Theft Auto 5" has sold over 170 million units, making it one of the best-selling games of all time (per IGN). And over the many years of constant play, fans of "GTA 5" have invented plenty of new and bizarre ways to enjoy Rockstar Games' magnum opus.

"GTA Online" enabled servers to host players together, and fans have since taken advantage of those capabilities to create their own modded "GTA 5" RP (roleplaying) servers. Similar to the roleplaying associated with tabletop RPGs like "Dungeons and Dragons," the gameplay in "GTA 5" RP servers consists of interactions between people who remain in-character. Factions such as crime syndicates and police forces have naturally formed over time, and the interactions between factions drives much of the gameplay.

Each server has its own set of unique rules, which are to be taken seriously by participants. There are a handful of very active servers, with NoPixel being the long-time fan favorite. Demand for playing on these servers is very high and the available spots for players can be quite low, which results in many fans of the genre being happy just to watch the exploits of their favorite "GTA 5" RP streamers. Here are some of the best and most-watched "GTA" RP streamers to ever hit Los Santos.


Félix "xQc" Lengyel hardly needs an introduction to Twitch viewers. In 2022, he ranked as the top-watched streamer in the world, racking up over 224 million hours watched. And on top of that, he won the Streamy Award for the best "Just Chatting" streamer in 2022.

A large part of xQc's unprecedented success in 2022 came from his enthralling "GTA 5" roleplay streams on the NoPixel server. His character, Jean Paul, mirrors many of his qualities: Physically, Jean Paul is a tall and slim French-Canadian man with blonde hair. Jean Paul also has a quick temper, but he's a fearless leader. As one of the founding members of the infamous Gulag Gang and as a leader of many server-first heists, Jean Paul has put his name in the NoPixel history books by being one of the most feared and respected criminal masterminds on the server.

His raucous exploits on the server got him banned and unbanned many times, but he doesn't seem to be able to let the game go. Back in April of 2022, he claimed he was officially done with "GTA 5" because he thought he had exhausted everything the game had to offer. Well, it turns out that more content awaits Jean Paul after all, because he's been back on the NoPixel server as of early 2023.

Adin Ross

Adin Ross is another titan of the streaming industry who has made a name in the "GTA 5" roleplaying world. Known for his enthusiastic personality and collaborative streaming style — alongside an ever-growing list of controversies — Adin Ross is nothing if not ambitious. It was that ambition that led him to create his own "GTA 5" roleplaying server in 2021, SSB Wrld, which attracted celebrities like Bronny James to the game.

The success of SSB Wrld in early 2021 immediately invited comparisons to NoPixel, with streamers like Asmongold praising the more chaotic nature of the server. SSB Wrld requires non-VIPs to pay a monthly subscription on Discord to get a chance to get into the server, which upset some fans. Despite some hiccups in the past, Adin Ross continues to enjoy streaming "GTA 5" in 2023, roleplaying with his new character, David White. Adin's contentious reputation and restless creativity makes him one of the most interesting "GTA 5" RP streamers on the platform.


Fuslie has been a major force in the streaming industry for years with her unique mix of Just Chatting, variety gaming, and music making. Back in 2021, she joined 100 Thieves as a content creator alongside her friend and frequent collaborator, Valkyrae. In 2022, she and a few other friends, including Sykkuno and LilyPichu, left Twitch for YouTube.

Along the way, she found herself on the NoPixel "GTA 5" RP server playing as April Fooze, a red-haired, gold-chain wearing influencer, singer, and entertainer. Her personality is warm and friendly, which leads her into a wide variety of scenarios across the server's factions, but an underlying greed for money and status are April Fooze's vices. She became a member of the Chang Gang, a crime syndicate with 30+ members on the NoPixel server, and earned herself a nickname: "The Gold Digger."

Fuslie went so far in her gameplay of April Fooze that she made a playlist of songs with 100,000s+ of plays on Spotify as the character. She later said that the game became a bit too much an addiction and that she needed breaks to keep her real life in order. Despite that, and despite the negative messages she receives from haters watching her streams, April Fooze lives on as one of the NoPixel greats.


While not much is known about Kyle, as he doesn't share information about himself publicly. What is known that people love watching his "GTA 5" roleplaying streams. Kyle's Twitch channel has around 500,000 followers and each one of his NoPixel "GTA 5" RP streams garners around 5,000 concurrent viewers (per TwitchTracker). Kyle plays many characters on NoPixel, but his signature character is definitely Kyle Pred

Kyle Pred, in a nutshell, is one of the worst imaginary cops ever. He's impulsive, brash, and acts through emotion. And naturally, he has worked his way all the way up to the top of the ladder in Los Santos, becoming the Grand Marshall of the Cerebus Police Department (mostly due to his superb roleplaying). One of Kyle's most hilarious clips features his character driving around town, talking into his radio until he crashes into his destination and then flies off the handle about a magically appearing motorcycle.

As mentioned before, Kyle plays many characters, and his second most famous character that fans love seeing him play on stream is Alabaster Slim, a middle-aged man with curly hair, smoky eyeliner, and a penciled mustache. Alabaster Slim works throughout the criminal underworld and his modus operandi is pure intimidation. Whether Kyle is playing Kyle Pred, Alabaster Slim, or one of his many other characters, he is sure to put on a great show for his audience!


KylieBitkin has been a full-time streamer on the NoPixel server ever since 2019 and she continues to be one of its most consistent roleplayers. KylieBitkin's Twitch channel has amassed over 220,000+ followers by almost exclusively streaming "GTA 5" RP, so she must have some iconic characters then, right?

Well, she absolutely does. Two of them, in fact. KylieBitkin's most recognizable roleplay character is Brittany Angel, a lieutenant of the San Andreas State Police known for her no-nonsense attitude and iconic white hair always tied back into a bun. Her long-time career goal of becoming a state trooper was finally realized at the end of 2022, after almost two full years of roleplaying on the server and gaining respect from both the police and the criminal underworld.

KylieBitkin's other best-known character is Mary Mushkin, or R3dD3vil (her street racing name), depending on who is asked. Mary Mushkin is a red-haired, tattooed leader of the underground racing circuits in Los Santos. She made a name for herself by becoming the richest lady in town through sheer determination and driving skills. She even owns her own car dealership! All in all, catching a stream of either Mary Mushkin or Brittany Angel is a treat for any fan of "GTA 5" RP.


Lucas "Buddha" Ramos is another legend of the NoPixel server who gained most of their Twitch following through their "GTA 5" roleplaying antics. In early 2023, his Twitch channel has over 800,000+ followers and each one of his "GTA 5" streams garners around 10,000+ concurrent viewers (per TwitchTracker). Back in 2021, when "GTA 5" RP was blowing up, Dexerto referred to Buddha as the undisputed "GTA RP King."

Such high praise is leveled at Buddha because his main character, Lang Buddha has taken part in many of NoPixel's interweaving character storylines. Lang Buddha is an elderly Chinese man who is one of the city's most well-connected and richest people. He has a history of blending his legitimate business pursuits with the criminal underworld, allowing him to come into contact with a wide variety of server participants.

Over the years, he's become rivals with some of the other characters on this list like Kyle Pred, and his notorious gaslighting skills are thought of as a rite of passage for new police cadets to experience. Lang Buddha's legendary impromptu speaking skills are absolutely worth watching for any aspiring roleplayers.


Zerkaa is a British streamer whose career, similar to others on this list, took a massive upswing in 2021. Before "GTA 5" RP, he'd already made a name for himself as part of the Sidemen, a British YouTube collaboration channel that counts KSI among its members. Zerkaa's Twitch channel had around 150,000 followers in 2020, and ever since the "GTA 5" RP popularity wave, his channel has grown to more than one million followers.

Zerkaa's character on the NoPixel server, Tommy Tate, is an ex-con from London who wanted to start fresh in Los Santos. Sadly, that clean slate didn't last long for Tommy Tate, as he was quickly reintroduced to the world of gang turf wars and petty crime. He ended up co-founding The Mandem, a predominantly British gang in Los Santos whose members share a near cult-like loyalty to one another. Originally, The Mandem didn't plan on having a boss, but Tommy Tate was eventually elected leader due to the fact that he is one of the most level-headed characters in the gang.

On top of his virtual gang leadership, Tommy Tate is also an accomplished musician in Los Santos. His song, "Tommy T," became one of the most played tunes in the NoPixel server, and it was even nominated for an award for Best Music Video at the 2022 NoPixel Music Awards (yes, that's a thing). Zerkaa's dedication to roleplaying and Tommy Tate's ambition ensure that his future "GTA 5" RP streams are not to be missed.


Wolfabelle's greatest claim to fame on the NoPixel "GTA 5" RP server is her character Bianca Walters, a character from London whose done just about every odd job in Los Santos — all while trying to make a name for herself as a makeup stylist. With her signature exaggerated eyebrows resembling Ursula from "The Little Mermaid," Bianca Walters has a perfected 90s villain type of look. Her charming personality is tinged by an inability to read the room at any point, and her aloof nature is probably her most defining trait.

Unfortunately, one of Wolfabelle's most remembered moments on the NoPixel server came when she was on the receiving end of one of xQc's rants that had fans up in arms. When Jean Paul (xQc's character) was locked away in jail by Wolfabelle's character, he started verbally assaulting the character after he unsuccessfully tried to reason his way out of his charge.  xQc attempted to deflect the controversy, claiming he was in character at the time and that his comments weren't intended to be misogynistic, but some veterans of roleplaying games felt he took the encounter way too far. Wolfabelle herself shot back at xQc during their encounter in-game, letting him know that he had crossed a line.

That negative moment aside, Wolfabelle's streams are definitely worth a look for fans who want to see a "GTA" RP character just doing their hilarious best to make a living.


Jaryd "summit1g" Lazar is a variety Twitch streamer most known for his FPS content. His streams in 2022 alone accumulated more than 68 million hours watched, meaning summit has one of the largest reaches in the streaming industry. His contributions to the NoPixel server are among some of the most notable in the biz, and his main character, Charles Johnson, has been raising Cain on the server since 2019. 

Charles Johnson is another longstanding member of the Chang Gang, having been introduced to the group (and to the NoPixel server) by the late Boe Jangles. After Boe Jangles (played by bLue622) passed away in 2020, he was immortalized in the server in the form of an NPC. One of the most touching moments in "GTA 5" RP history was when summit1g paid tribute to this friend as Charles Johnson at an in-game memorial. To this day, Charles Johnson still goes to visit Boe's NPC every once in a while.

Summit1g/Charles Johnson is also known for his excellent driving skills, frequenting the underground racing circuits to scratch his competitive itch. He regularly acts as a getaway driver during the Chang Gang's heists, daring cops to try to catch him on drawn-out chases. It is always a wild ride with Charles at the wheel.


PENTA's career as a streamer took off in 2021 when the wave of "GTA 5" RP popularity hit Twitch. His channel grew so much that Facebook Gaming offered him a multi-million dollar exclusive streaming deal, but he ultimately turned that opportunity down (per Dexerto).

As a fixture of the NoPixel server, PENTA frequently interacts with other streamers. In fact, PENTA has had a few negative run-ins with other streamers, namely Pokelawls, with whom he had a legitimate beef in the summer of 2022, following a heated interaction between their characters on NoPixel. Another scuffle in early 2023 led to PENTA and fellow "GTA 5" RPer Shotz sparring over PENTA's use of Shotz's voice for subscriber notifications — with Shotz ultimately threatening legal action (per GameRant).

Controversy aside, PENTA is known for two main characters on NoPixel: Randy Wrangler and Mike Block. Randy Wrangler is kind of what he sounds like: a shoot-first, ask-questions-later kind of cowboy whose thrown his hat in with the police unit. His fearless (and sometimes foolhardy) investigative spirit have made him a legend in the minds of all the server's criminals. On the flipside, Mike Block is a genius character who adventures within the criminal world of the NoPixel server. Mike is a graduated MIT engineer, but he prefers hanging around with his buddies committing petty crimes. PENTA's long-running characters and consistency when it comes to lore make him one of the best channels to tune into for "GTA 5" RP.


Ash is an Australian Vtuber who has been streaming variety content since 2017. In 2021, her channel's popularity took off when she started streaming both "Among Us" and "GTA 5," going from an average of a few hundred viewers per stream to a few thousand per stream (per TwitchTracker). 

Her main character on the NoPixel server, the hilariously named Ash Ketchup, is a foolhardy adventurer who comes off as a bit naïve, but is actually quite quick-witted and multifaceted. Out of all the characters on this list, Ash Ketchup most straddles the line between law-abiding citizen and criminal mastermind. For instance, has numerous legitimate business across the city, like the UwU Cafe, but she is also a frequent collaborator with Hydra Gang, one of the many crime syndicates running around the NoPixel server. Her free-flowing and adventurous attitude has led Ash Ketchup into many precarious scenarios, earning her as much experience dealing with random scenarios as anyone else on the server.

Roleplaying can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when done so frequently. Ash attested to that in a funny clip when she vented that her gameplay was changing the way she spoke to her real-life family. Sometimes the roleplaying gets so good (or so pervasive) that the lines between real life and virtual life can blur.


Nathan "Blaustoise" Blau started his full time streaming career in 2022 after leaving Riot Games, where he worked on both "League of Legends" and "Valorant."

A large portion of his channel's success can be attributed to his friendships with OfflineTV members and other major streamers, which he developed through "GTA 5" RP on the NoPixel server. His character, Mickey S, joined up with other notorious criminals like Yuno Sykk (Sykkuno's character) and Jean Paul (xQc's character) back in 2021, and together they all pulled off one of the biggest heists in NoPixel history. Each of the server's three major banks were successfully robbed in a string of well-planned heists. Blau's crew, Team Rocket, called the incredible challenge "Rainbow Road," after the famously difficult level from "Mario Kart."

Mickey S's criminal exploits are not, however, the only memorable aspect of the character. In fact, Mickey S became mayor of the city and even won re-election for a 2nd term under his "stir-the-pot" campaign slogan. He relinquished the mayoral title to Land Buddha in early 2023, but Mickey S's days in the limelight are surely not over yet.


Tee Grizzley is a rapper from Detroit who is perhaps best known for his song "First Day Out," which has gotten more than 240 million plays on YouTube. His fame as a recording artist helped him to kickstart his gaming channel, Grizzley Gang Gaming, which now has over 500,000+ channel subscribers on YouTube.

Tee Grizzley doesn't play on the NoPixel server, however. Instead, he plays on his own server, Grizzley World RP, which he set up to host his community of followers. The Grizzley World RP server has some notable accomplishments under its belt, like the first-ever brand partnership deal to be carried out in "GTA 5," which went down between Tee Grizzley and esports and lifestyle brand XSET. According to XSET's press release, the partnership's first aim is to sell digital Tee Grizzley/XSET merchandise within his "GTA 5" server, which will in turn fund the purchase of gaming consoles for formerly incarcerated individuals looking to start a positive future with gaming. 

The Grizzley World RP server is another membership-based server that players need to pay to get in, and Tee Grizzley hasn't been shy about sharing the wild profitability of the server. In 2022, he revealed that he makes close to $200,000 a month hosting the server, so don't expect Grizzley World RP to shut down any time soon!