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The Best Kastov 545 Loadout And Class Setup For Warzone 2.0 And Modern Warfare 2

Assault Rifles are mainstays of combat in "Warzone 2.0" and "Modern Warfare 2." Effective at medium to long range, they balance range, power, and speed to be effective in most situations an operator will encounter. Players have lots of options to choose from in this class of weapons, but one that certainly stands out is the Kastov 545.


It may not be as popular as its cousin and, arguably, the best assault rifle available, the Kastov 762, but the Kastov 545 has its supporters and a place in the multiplayer meta. While it doesn't do as much damage as the 762, the Kastov 545 sports a higher rate of fire and is a bit more mobile. This makes it a solid option for players who want to run and gun with a bit more and focus on medium, rather than long, range.

While the best Kastov 762 loadout designs the weapon for longer-range engagements and more cautious movement, a great Kastov 545 build will focus on making the rifle more balanced overall and effective at medium and closer ranger with a more aggressive playstyle.


The perfect build starts with attachments, and the Kastov 545 loadout should be built for balance and aggression.

To start, operators will want to add an IG-K30 406MM barrel and an FTac Ripper 56 underbarrel. These will improve recoil, making sure those quick shots all land on target. Further, the barrel attachment will improve the damage range and accuracy of the weapon while the underbarrel will increase aiming stability and hip fire accuracy. Put together, these will smooth out some of the weaknesses of the rifle and make for a more accurate and powerful weapon.


Next, an FSS OLE-V laser should be added to improve ADS and sprint-to-fire speed. This will allow operators to get on target and fire at the enemy much faster. A further boost to aiming stability is just an added bonus.

After that, players should attach a Kastov-Rama stock to improve both sprinting and aim walking speed. This will make the player more mobile whether running for cover or moving forward while firing at the enemy.

Finally, a good optic should round out this setup. This is more of a personal choice with each player favoring a different sight design. Each operator should go with what they're most comfortable with but, given that this build is meant for medium and shorter-range combat, they should consider going with a simple optic over something with magnification as they'll be less likely to be shooting at more distant foes.



With the Kastov 545 fully modified, the next step is to select perks to support an attack strategy that goes with this build.

For base perks, an operator should take Overkill and Double Time. Overkill will allow them to take an extra primary weapon into combat, which is always useful. For a second weapon, a good choice would be something with a greater range like the TAQ-M or a powerful sniper rifle so that they have an option when an enemy is too far away for the Kastov 545. Meanwhile, Double Time will support an aggressive playstyle by allowing them to move faster.


For a bonus perk, Fast Hands is a great option. It will speed up reloading, which will be vital in ongoing combat — and also makes switching weapons faster. As they'll be carrying a second primary weapon into battle, players will want to be able to move between them as quickly as possible.

Finally, Quick Fix is a great choice for an ultimate perk. Gaining health regeneration after a kill will further support and reward an aggressive approach, which is the theme of this build.


The last part of the perfect build is the right gear to take along with the weapon. Here again, aggression and staying on the offensive are key.

For lethal equipment, players should take a Molotov Cocktail. This explosive will start a fire that can harm or kill enemies — but also force them out of cover, so they can be charged and eliminated. To further support an assault on the enemy, a Stun Grenade will make a good piece of tactical equipment. Being able to slow enemies down makes them even more vulnerable to the speed of this build.


Finally, the Battle Rage field upgrade gives that last boost to speed through an extended tactical sprint while also providing resistance to enemy tactical equipment. Just take this stim before rushing the enemy to become a flash of bullets and rage.

With this build and a commitment to staying on the offensive, players up the odds for success and plenty of kills in future matches.