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The Best M13B Loadout For Modern Warfare 2 And Warzone 2.0

"Call of Duty" games always offer lots of options for weapons, and assault rifles, in particular, usually hold a large selection. In "Modern Warfare 2" and "Warzone 2.0," however, one assault rifle stands out for how it's unlocked. Unlike other weapons that are awarded for leveling up an operator or other guns, the M13B must be earned in "Warzone 2.0" by killing the Chemist in DMZ, claiming his weapon, and then surviving to extract with it.


While it may not be the best assault rifle in the game, those who do manage to acquire it will, no doubt, want to at least try it out and possibly spend some time showing it off. For these players, it will be important to get the most out of it by crafting a loadout and build to support it. With less damage than some of its peers but excellent accuracy and stability, a good build can make the M13B viable in competitive play and support a long-range strategy that will fit well into the multiplayer meta.


A good loadout and build start with weapon attachments. Here, operators should seek to improve on the strengths of the M13B while minimizing its weaknesses.

To start, players should add a 14" Bruen Echelon barrel and an FTac Ripper 56 underbarrel. Both will improve recoil, which is already a strong point for the weapon while the barrel will improve bullet velocity and damage range. This will make the rifle even more accurate and increase the damage, which is its main weakness. Next, the M13B should get a Harbinger D20 muzzle attachment. This will further improve damage range, recoil, and accuracy with the added bonus of silencing shots to allow for a more stealthy approach when desired.


All of these attachments will have the cost of slowing down movement and ADS, so it will be worth it to offset this penalty slightly with a good stock. Here, players should add a Bruen Flash V4. This will improve ADS and increase movement speed in general to bring a little balance to the overall build.

Finally, the weapon will need a good optic. This is a matter of taste as different players prefer different sight designs. Still, it would be a mistake to not go with something with a moderate magnification. As this build is designed for range, picking an optic with a zoom in the 5x to 7x range would be ideal.


With the rifle modified to focus on long-range engagements, the next step is to choose perks that will support a complementary strategy.

For base perks, operators should first take Overkill, so they can bring a second primary weapon into battle. The M13B is great for long-range but will struggle in close quarters, so it will pay to have a backup weapon like the Chimera or Bryson 800 for those situations. For a second base perk, players should go with Strong Arm, so they can hurl thrown equipment farther. Given that they'll be trying to keep enemies at a distance, it will help to be able to throw grenades even further downrange.


Next, Focus should be taken as a bonus perk. Longer breath holds and less sway and flinch while aiming will certainly help while sniping enemies from a distance and support the overall playstyle of this build.

Finally, players should take Bird's Eye for their ultimate perk. Bonus UAVs and directional markers will make it easier to find opponents to take out and also make it harder for one to sneak up and get in close.

Together, these perks will support the long-range strategy of the M13B while also ensuring a player has a backup plan for emergencies.


The last step to completing the build is selecting equipment. Here, players should take advantage of their Strong Arm perk and bring items that can be thrown.

For lethal equipment, a good choice is a molotov cocktail as it can be thrown to start a fire, damaging enemies and possibly forcing them out of cover where they can be sniped from a distance. Next, a stun grenade should be taken for tactical equipment. This can be thrown to slow down an enemy, making it easier to take them out, and also for stalling someone who is trying to rush in to engage at close range.


Finally, to protect against grenades coming the other way, players should take a Trophy System for a field upgrade. This will protect against thrown equipment and is a good defensive measure to deploy in a favorite sniper nest. With this build, an operator will be ready for the long-range combat that is so prevalent in the large maps of "Modern Warfare 2" and "Warzone 2.0." Just keep your eyes downrange and start earning kills.