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GTA Online: Where To Find The Impound Lot And How To Use It Correctly

One of the main selling points of "Grand Theft Auto: Online" is the ability to cause absolute mayhem. While there are plenty of ways to occupy oneself, like learning how to start special vehicle work or completing the mission with Dr. Dre, nothing beats shenanigans and hijinks. Unfortunately, one of the side effects of said mayhem, shenanigans, and hijinks is the occasional run-in with the authorities. If players happen to have a run-in while in or near their car? That car goes straight to the impound lot. 


Any player who doesn't know how to get to said impound lot (or how to retrieve their car) is in for a world of hurt — or at least a minor inconvenience when they have to replace their vehicle. Whether someone has the fastest car or bike in the game, one of the rarest vehicles, or simply is attached to their ride, it's vital to know where to go and how to get that ride back lickety-split.

Find the lot to retrieve impounded cars: Pay the fee or steal it back

Players looking to retrieve their cars will have to head to the impound lot, stat. Of course, it's in a warehouse district — Rancho district, to be precise — so every building blends into the next, leaving little to identify the area. However, the lot is right next to a parking garage easily noted due to its red bricks and some train tracks at the intersection. It's also on Roy Lowenstein Blvd, so players simply need to troll up and down the boulevard until they find the darn thing. It's best to do this quickly, as vehicles left too long in the lot will be destroyed by the police.


Once players find the lot, they have two options to get their cars back: Pay the measly impound fee of $250 like an upstanding citizen of Los Santos, or — and this is perhaps more in line with the ethics of the game itself — steal it out from under the cops' noses. Bear in mind that doing so will cause players to immediately jump to a two-star wanted level, and they'll still have to outrun the cops to keep the car. Anyone up for a high-speed chase is certainly welcome to try.