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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Complete The Eggstravaganza Event For 2023

It's springtime in "Disney Dreamlight Valley," and with that comes new quests with the Eggstravaganza Event for 2023. Players may have leveled up their friendships to the max, upgraded their houses – heck — even made some extra fizzy rootbeer for that one annoying quest, but this new event brings with it unique challenges. After all, there are new meals to be eaten and shared, items to craft, and tons of challenges to keep even the most avid players occupied. Plus, there is now an abundance of butterflies — and not just those swarming Mirabel, either.


Not only is completing the event a great way to make money fast, but players will have a blast running about to help WALL-E (and thereby getting their daily eggs-ercise), making eggy recipes, and crafting some eggs-elent items to decorate their valleys with.

Here's how anyone can complete the Eggstravaganza Event for 2023, including recipe breakdowns, step-by-step quest tutorials, and what players need to craft each new spring-themed item. Please note that the bad egg puns will continue throughout the article.

Find (and grow) all the eggs

One of the main features of the spring event is hunting down the three types of eggs, two of which are scattered across the map, and one that players need to, erm, grow themselves. Now, anyone who has played since the update is bound to have noticed three particular bushes that bear — well, we can't call it fruit but the game sure does. These bushes grow Egg-celent Fruit, and they're a soft pink color. Every bush gives a standard three-eggs-per-hour, except for random times when multiples appear on the ground, or the bush glows gold, and the player can harvest a bounty if they click fast. Players should bring a companion with a forage specialty to get bonus eggs.


Next is the Wild Spring Egg, soft blue, solo, and to be found scattered about the map. During this event, it's best to avoid fast travel through wells and stick to running (or sprinting — drink two egg-spressos, and run fast-fast) to be able to spot these eggs as they appear. The more that are spotted, the better. After all, it takes both types of egg to produce the last kind: Spring V-EGG-etables, yellow, and grown from seeds. Players can also get these from WALL-E when they do his daily and weekly spring-related quests. Similarly, harvesting these egg-plants with a friend who specializes in gardening will give extra eggs.

The duty "That's Not Where Eggs Come From" will have you harvest Spring V-EGG-etables. At 10, players will get a Spring Chocolate. At 30, 60, and then 100, they will get a Blue Spring Rabbit, Pink Spring Rabbit, and Yellow Spring Rabbit respectively.


Craft eggstravagantly

Once the player has enough eggs in their basket, they can start crafting specific furniture related to the event. These recipes can be found under the Furniture tab on the crafting menu, and they include:

  • Over easy chair: Five Wild Spring Eggs and five Egg-cellent Fruits.
  • "Don't put 'em all in one basket" basket: 10 Wild Spring Eggs, 10 Egg-cellent Fruits, five Spring V-EGG-etables, and 20 Fiber.
  • Spring egg bounty: 15 Wild Spring Eggs, 15 Egg-cellent Fruits, 15 Spring V-EGG-etables, 50 Stone.
  • Spring stall: 10 Wild Spring Eggs, 10 Egg-cellent Fruits, 10 Spring V-EGG-etables, and 20 Hardwood.
  • Sunny side up arch: 25 Wild Spring Eggs, 25 Egg-cellent Fruits, 25 Spring V-EGG-etables, and 10 Iron Ingots.

The over easy chair consists of one large egg with a few small ones around the base. The basket is just a basket full of so many eggs, which makes a nice accompaniment to the spring stall (a stall like all the others, but festive!). Then there's the sunny side up arch, which is like a balloon arch, but swaps balloons for giant eggs. Making all of the egg-themed items is going to take a lot of eggs, so don't whisk running out by egg-noring the spring bushes, and harvest as many as possible. The duty associated is called Eggs-ceptional Decorating. Players need to place four pieces of egg-furniture to get a Tulip Lamp.

Help WALL-E poach flowers and bunnies

One of the more egg-citing parts of the Eggstravaganza Event For 2023 is getting to help WALL-E. The player will get two quests: A daily one, "Blooming and Blossoming," and a weekly one, "Bunnies on the Run," which eventually give the Decorative Tulip Bouquet as a reward.


"Bunnies on the Run" is as straightforward as it sounds. There are five bunnies running rampant in the Plaza, and these little rascals need to be caught. Again, we strongly suggest putting your character into "sprint" mode by consuming enough cooked goods to push the energy bar into that golden-overflow mode. With the increased speed, catching those bunnies will be eggs-tremely easy. Bring the bunnies to WALL-E and get 1,000 friendship points, 20 Egg-cellent Fruits, 20 Wild Spring Eggs, and five Spring V-EGG-etables.

Since WALL-E is a certified eggs-pert at plantlife, he'll ask for a Pretty Flower Basket. Where does he put these baskets that he gets every single day? It's anyone's guess. They're easy enough to make, especially if players harvest flowers daily to keep a nice surplus on hand. Each basket requires three flower types. Two of the types require two flowers (for example, two yellow daisies and two blue falling penstemon), and the third type only needs one (for example, one white and pink falling penstemon). Gather the flowers, hit the crafting station, add one fiber, and Bob's your uncle: You'll have a Pretty Flower Basket to give to WALL-E. As a reward, he will give the player 200 friendship points, five Egg-cellent Fruits, five Wild Spring Eggs, and one Spring V-EGG-etable.


Cook some eggs-elent food

There are three specific foods players can make during the event, only one of which is actually eggs (though they all need the themed-eggs for the recipes). These three recipes are: 

  • Spring Mimosa Eggs: One Spring V-EGG-etable, one Wild Spring Egg, one Egg-cellent Fruit, and one Basil. Somehow, this is classed as a dessert and looks like a tray of colorful devilled egg-cupcake hybrids.
  • Spring Egg Bowl: One Spring V-EGG-etable, one Wild Spring Egg, one Egg-cellent Fruit, one Cocoa Bean, and one Sugarcane. This one looks like a bowl of uncooked eggs but is, again, a dessert.
  • Spring Chocolate: One Spring V-EGG-etable, one Sugarcane, and one Cocoa Bean. Another dessert, at least this one looks like a classic chocolate egg — though it does have a scattering of brown (maybe pink?) eggs around its base.

The duty "Spring Taste Test" requires players to eat all three egg dishes and will reward them some Spring Tableware. The eggs-iting event ends on April 29, so players need to scurry like a bunny to get all the quests done.