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Video Game Monsters Who Are Gorgeous In Real Life

Video game monsters tend to capture the imagination of gamers, inspiring memes, fan art, and terrifying "Let's Play" videos. Ranging from classic characters like Nemesis to more modern entities like Lady Dimitrescu (who always makes games better), video game villainy just wouldn't feel the same without some of these horrific creations. Even non-horror games such as "Super Mario Bros." and "The Legend of Zelda" would be incomplete without their amazing monsters.


Much like monsters in movies and television, video game monsters tend to fall into two distinct categories: downright horrific or drop-dead gorgeous. Whether they're beautiful or not, many game monsters tend to share something in common: surprisingly attractive voice actors. Here are some iconic video game voice actors with aesthetically pleasing voice actors behind the scenes.

Maggie Robertson and Helena Mankowska as Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Village

These two actresses provided the voice and face, respectively, for one of video gaming's most popular monsters in recent memory: Lady Dimitrescu from "Resident Evil Village." Even outside of her true monstrous form, Lady Dimitrescu is already an imposing figure, standing at 9 feet and 6 inches tall. Despite this and her bloodthirsty attitude (or maybe because of it), many gamers quickly fell in love with her dominating personality. For some, that love faded when the boss battle against Lady D culminated in an epic encounter with her mutated form. Others never lost the love. Memes aside, Lady Dimitrescu is a terrifying presence, and while not the scariest part of "Resident Evil Village," she's arguably one of the most memorable.


Both Maggie Robertson (the voice) Helena Mankowska (the face model) have actually cosplayed as the monstrous vampire, much to the surprise and delight of fans. One fan referred to a Mankowska photoshoot "so sinister yet beautiful," while other fans have started putting together compilations of Maggie Robertson's cosplay. It took two talented and beautiful performers to create this monstrous and mysterious character together, and the work was well worth it.

Rie Tanaka as Morrigan from Darkstalkers

Rie Tanaka is a prolific anime and video game voice actor who has grown to huge levels of popularity through her performance as Lisa in "Genshin Impact," as well as roles in anime such as "Toradora," "Dr. Stone," and "Pokémon." Additionally, she's voiced succubus Morrigan Aensland since "Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds." Although this character isn't the most monstrous-looking creature out there, Morrigan is actually an S Class demon, sporting a powerful array of spikes, blades, and other deadly attacks. Plus, being the face of the "Darkstalkers" series, a fighting game starring various monster archetypes, Morrigan has become particularly recognizable among video game creatures.


Morrigan is often considered to be on of the most beautiful characters in gaming, and behind the scenes, her voice actor, Rie Tanaka is no different. Tanaka occasionally streams "Genshin Impact" gameplay while pretending to be her character, and has even cosplayed as her on occasion. Her fans have typically been quick to show their appreciation of how lovely the voice actor is. 

Tricia Helfer as Kerrigan from Starcraft

For many in-tune with geek culture, Tricia Helfer is another absolute icon. Although she is best known for her breakout role as Number Six in "Battlestar Galactica," she has also dipped into the realm of voice acting. Her most prominent video game role is that of Sarah Kerrigan, starting with "StarCraft 2." As many "StarCraft" fans know, Kerrigan is an extremely important character to the series. Once human, Sarah Kerrigan was captured by the Zerg and transformed into a monstrous human-Zerg hybrid. In her more terrifying and powerful form, Kerrigan has become one of the defining characters of "StarCraft."


Although there have been some mixed reviews for Kerrigan's character arc in the fan community, there is no doubt that fans have embraced Tricia Helfer. In almost any discussion of her acting performance, at least one fan also comments on how beautiful the Canadian model is. In a Reddit post discussing her future voicing Kerrigan, an eager admirer contributes that, "Tricia Helfer=Smokin hot." While largely unhelpful to the conversation at hand, it shows just what the community thinks of her, placing her as yet another attractive voice actor behind a monstrous character.

Jeannie Tirado as Android 21 from Dragon Ball FighterZ

Gaming fans may recognize Jeannie Tirado as the English voice actor for characters such as Byleth from "Fire Emblem: Three Houses" or Vex from "League of Legends." However, one of her most intriguing game roles to date would have to be her performance as Android 21 from "Dragon Ball FighterZ." For the "Dragon Ball" team fighting game, franchise creator Akira Toriyama designed a new android to serve as the main antagonist of the game. 


While seemingly gentle at first, 21 possesses a split personality, as well as a standard form and a true form. Android 21 in her true form takes on many qualities of "DBZ" villain Majin Buu, but also possesses attributes of all the Z fighters, plus their enemies Cell and Frieza. This mixture leads to the antagonist having some violent powers and extremely destructive tendencies. However, Jeannie Tirado, 21's English voice actor, is almost the exact opposite of this monstrous character.

Even when voicing darker characters such as 21 or Vex, during every performance, Jeannie Tirado seems to have a lot of fun and gives off a great energy. While Jeannie Tirado was relatively new to the "Dragon Ball" franchise at the time of her casting, fans quickly welcomed her with open arms, and she has continued her work with "Dragon Ball Super."


Daniel Riordan as Alduin from Skyrim

The main antagonist of "Skyrim." Alduin once ruled the entirety of Skyrim and is considered by the Nords to be a god and a major force in reshaping the entire world. His return to Skyrim is marked by the return of the Dragons, an event that almost every gamer is familiar with at this point. Being the final boss of such a massive game makes Alduin a monster that few gamers will ever forget. Due to this, Daniel Riordan's strong vocal performance as Alduin has also been etched into the minds of many fans of the game. Riordan also provided voiceover for games like "Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls" and "Mass Effect 3," while TV viewers may recognize his work in "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air."


In real life, Daniel Riordan has chiseled features that are apt for the regal dragon he plays. Fittingly, most gamers will forever associate Daniel Riordan with Alduin, a perfect fusion between one of gaming's most fearsome antagonists and a handsome voice actor.

Travis Willingham as Jedah from Darkstalkers

At this point in time, Travis Willingham's face has become recognizable from his role in the D&D podcast and web series "Critical Role." However, his resume also includes a laundry list of voice performances, ranging from "Ouran High School Host Club” to multiple animated appearances as Thor. One performance that may have gone under the radar is his take on Jedah, a character originating from the "Darkstalkers" series. Travis Willingham voiced the monstrous antagonist in the crossover RPG "Cross Edge." Jedah, being both a major villain in "Darkstalkers 3" and a Shinigami, is one of the scariest opponents you can face in the game. Between stealing souls and dragging opponents to a bizarre underworld, Jedah possesses some of the more brutal attacks from "Darkstalkers 3."


Though Jedah himself is a horrific entity, Travis Willingham's winning smile and hilarious personality show that some actors are the exact opposite of their roles. Of course, Travis Willingham plays many imposing and terrifying characters due to his naturally low voice, but based on his appearances in "Critical Role," he seems to be much more fun-loving than his creepier roles would suggest.

Matt Mercer as Ganondorf from Tears of the Kingdom

The second "Critical Role" cast member of the list, Matt Mercer has had a hand in many aspects of nerd culture. Whether it's in video games or anime, it's nearly impossible to escape from Matt Mercer's voice. With hugely popular characters like Cassidy from "Overwatch" and Jotaro Kujo from "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure" on his resume, you're bound to hear his voice at one point or another, even if it's just through a meme or out-of-context reference. More recently, Matt Mercer was hired to voice yet another gaming icon in "Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom": Ganondorf. Fans were sent into orbit by this version of Ganondorf, and many were happy to see the monstrously attractive role go to Matt Mercer.


First of all, the Demon King and Matt Mercer share one thing in common: They both have amazing hair. For Matt Mercer, it has always been one of his most noticeable and aesthetically pleasing features, one that fans on Reddit have even clambered to try and copy. It is true what they say, after all: Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

Troy Baker as Slimer from Ghostbusters: The Video Game

Troy Baker has had an extremely prolific career in the field of video game and anime voice acting, playing a wide range of characters. At times, it can feel impossible to escape from him with huge roles like Joel from "The Last of Us," Booker DeWitt in "Bioshock Infinite," Kanji Tatsumi from "Persona 4," or one of the best Jokers in numerous projects. However, one of his lesser-known performances placed him in the role of a famously gross monster. Somehow, Troy Baker ended up playing the disgusting ghost known as Slimer in 2009's "Ghostbusters: The Video Game." Gluttonous and lacking in intelligence, Slimer is arguably the most famous ghost from the "Ghostbuster" franchise, as well as one of the most recognizable monsters in movie history.


While Slimer himself may be extremely repulsive, Troy Baker is quite the opposite. Always stylishly dressed and well-groomed in public appearances, Troy Baker has captured the hearts of many fans. Though Baker met with backlash among the "Last of Us" fanbase for defending some of the sequel's divisive storytelling decisions, this has not slowed down his career one bit. Troy Baker still remains active as an extremely energetic and varied video game voice actor.

Robin Riker as Lilith from Devil May Cry

Lillith is a contentious character among many "Devil May Cry" fans, but Robin Riker's performance is typically praised for its eerie intensity. From the moment many fans saw the character, there was almost an instant hatred. What really cements Lilith as a monster, however, is the grotesque boss fight in which she uses her offspring to fight her battles. Being from what some consider to be the worst "DMC" game is one thing, but Lilith just seems to take things way too far. Fans are especially quick to point to one specific scene featuring Lilith and a familiar sniper that almost turned them off of the franchise entirely. 


Though players don't find Lilith to be attractive in the slightest, many are head over heels for her voice actor, Robin Riker, who has appeared in television series such as "Brothers," "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," and "The Bold and the Beautiful." "DMC" remains her sole video game performance, but it seems to have introduced her to a whole new set of dedicated fans. If nothing else, fans have been happy to discover she's far more presentable than her video game counterpart. 

Jason Isaacs as Brainiac from Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

Jason Isaacs, despite looming in major antagonist roles throughout many people's childhoods, is an attractive voice actor worthy of a spot on this list. He'll will no doubt be familiar to audiences for his appearances in many high-budget movies, perhaps most notably as Lucius Malfoy in the "Harry Potter" franchise. However, Jason Isaacs also works frequently in video games and animation, including roles in "Baldur's Gate 3" and "Hitman." In "Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League," he portrayed classic DC Comics villain Brainiac. He's taken many forms, but Brainiac is typically portrayed as a hyper-intelligent alien android obsessed with collecting all knowledge in the knowledge. Though some have found his boss fight in the game to be underwhelming, Jason Isaacs' performance has been praised for capturing Brainiac's boastful and inhuman attitude.


Though many may associate him with off-putting and nasty villain performances, in reality, Jason Isaacs appears to be an extremely warm individual, one who also brings a powerful presence anytime he's on screen. Plus, even when being used to play a monstrous individual, his is soothing and pleasant to listen to. Some fans have admitted to having confused feelings when trying to separate his handsome appearance from his more evil characters.