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What Dr Disrespect's 'Multi-Million Dollar Idea' Would Mean For Warzone

One of Twitch's gaming giants, Dr Disrespect, has just shared an Earth-shattering, "multi-million dollar" revelation about Call of Duty: Warzone with the internet. The Doc's suggestion involves tweaking the game's Gulag mechanic, and it might not be a bad idea for those who are looking to get in on some more battle royale action.

During a recent stream, Dr Disrespect talked about how the Gulag system could possibly be improved by allowing players an additional chance at getting back in the fight. The Doc explained that this new mechanic would allow players the opportunity to "buy another Gulag for yourself" for $20,000. According to Game Rant, based on the price, it's more than likely that these extra Gulag chances would be made available through the game's Buy Station, where players can purchase a variety of in-game items and upgrades.

The current Gulag system allows players to rejoin a battle only once. When the player enters the Gulag, they will be forced in a one-on-one fight with a random weapon in order to return to the main battle. Should the player win the skirmish, they will be allowed the opportunity to rejoin the match. If the player loses, they will be booted out of the game permanently.

Dr. Disrespect's new Gulag idea is an interesting one, to say the least. Offering players another opportunity to fight in a battle royale game at the cost of in-game currency could lead to some new ways of approaching multiplayer fights. But at the same time, adding what could essentially be an infinite number of Gulag opportunities could drag out matches. At that point, it would be better for players to cut their losses and move on to another battle.

This isn't the first time Dr. Disrespect has come up with an idea to tweak Warzone's Gulag mechanic. Earlier this year, the Doc suggested that the Gulag should keep its single-weapon restriction, but the player should have the choice to bring in their own weapon of choice, including firearms they've upgraded. Although he did say that players shouldn't be able to enter the Gulag with anything overpowered, he does believe that giving players more freedom in their one-on-one fight would improve the Gulag system.

Although Dr. Disrespect's new $20,000 Gulag extra life idea is indeed revolutionary, it's more than likely that Warzone developers will pass on it. At the moment, there is no indication that any additional tweaks to the Gulag mechanic are being done. It looks like the Doc's idea will just simply have to wait.