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The PlayStation 2 Played A Pivotal Role In The Creation Of The Xbox

Sony and Microsoft have had a classic rivalry since the latter entered the gaming arena. Once the first Xbox came into the picture, a new console war began, the likes of which consumers had not seen since the early 90s, when Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis went head-to-head.


The Series X|S and PS5 launched this past November, kicking off the highly anticipated next generation of console gaming. Although Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo have more recently joined forces, gamers may not know the truth behind how Microsoft built its first Xbox.

A recent piece published by Bloomberg offered insight into the story behind the Xbox's development. When Microsoft first decided to put out a console, the designers were having some difficulty figuring out how to build something that would appeal to gamers. What was their solution? Why, they cracked into a PlayStation 2 to gain insight and inspiration for creating their own architecture.

The team scrutinized every piece of the rival system's construction, but made sure not to simply clone the system to Microsoft's own ends. However, it was this dissection of a PS2 that allowed the team to successfully build the first Xbox.


One has to wonder how Sony executives would have felt at the time, knowing that the company's biggest rival built its competition using a roadmap provided by its own product. The PS5 may be the pulling ahead in the current console race, but Microsoft still gives Sony a run for its money.

Console wars certainly aren't quite as heated as they once were, but this doesn't mean the two companies aren't at odds. Sure, Xbox Boss Phil Spencer may have expressed his disdain over the console war, but that hasn't stopped Xbox from buying up studios to provide new and exclusive games for its consoles. Meanwhile, Sony continues to capitalize on its timed-exclusivity strategy. No matter how you look at it, the two companies are still vying for the number-one spot. As long as PlayStation and Xbox are fighting to put out a more powerful console, the war will rage on.

So it was Sony's masterful construction of a video game system that played a pivotal role in the creation of the Xbox. Perhaps if the minds behind Microsoft's first system hadn't thought to look to their competition for inspiration, there would be fewer options for future console gamers. Whatever the case may be, loyal Xbox fans will have to acknowledge (and possibly thank) the PS2 for its part in bringing the Xbox into existence.