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Fall Guys Shuts Down Xbox Rumor

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, the battle royale title by Devolver Digital, was an immediate hit upon release on PC and PS4. Since then, fans have been waiting to see if the game would ever make its way onto an Xbox console. Unfortunately, those fans will have to wait a bit longer, as Devolver Digital has confirmed there are no current plans to release Fall Guys on the last-gen platform.


Following an exchange between the official Xbox Game Pass Instagram account and Instagram user hamedparsgamer, where the former seemingly suggested Fall Guys would be coming to Game Pass, The Verge's Senior Editor Tom Warren asked Devolver Digital if that would be the case. The official Devolver Digital Twitter account responded by stating that there are "no plans for Fall Guys to come to any form of Gamepass [sic]."

The official Fall Guys Twitter account followed up Devolver Digital's clarification by tweeting an apology for the confusion and reiterating that Fall Guys would not be coming to Xbox Game Pass anytime soon. The tweet was in reply to gaming industry insider Nibel, who has tweeted about many gaming rumors in the past, including free games for PS Plus subscribers and previous Resident Evil: Village rumors.


While there are no stated plans to bring Fall Guys to other platforms, a recent survey from the official Fall Guys Twitter account asked participants to rate how important it is that Fall Guys gets released on select platforms, including Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Google. While this doesn't guarantee a release on Xbox platforms, it could act as a point of reference for Devolver Digital in terms of potentially expanding to other platforms.

Although some still cherish the thought of Fall Guys coming to Xbox One, it seems that the game will remain solely available for PC and PS4, as well as mobile devices in China — at least for now. There's always a chance that Fall Guys could make the leap to Xbox; it just might take a while.

In the meantime, Fall Guys' third season is well underway at this point, having added 7 new maps and more than 30 skins as of Dec. 15, 2020. There is currently no word on when the game's next season may arrive. However, given the fact that Season 1 and Season 2 lasted two months each, it's likely that fans will get more information on the game's next season within the next few weeks.