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These Are All The New Maps In Black Ops - Cold War Season 2

Four new maps hit Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War with the release of Season 2, offering players a range of high intensity, close-quarters combat and ranged firefights from around the globe. Season 2 kicked off on Thursday, Feb. 25, and brought a load of new content for Black Ops – Cold War players to experience, including four new operators to the game's cast, six new weapons (including the FARA 83), as well as new multiplayer game modes, tools of the trade, and Prestige levels.


The new multiplayer maps brings the total number to 24 in Black Ops – Cold War. The new map additions are "Apocalypse," a dark dive into the jungles; "Mansion," a close-quarters gun battle in Havannah, Cuba; "Golova," a Russian steppe village; and "Miami Strike," a return to South Beach but in the daylight. Each of the new maps offer players something a little different. It's time explore each one in more detail.

Run through the jungle

The Apocalypse map fits right into the Black Ops – Cold War Season 2 storyline. According to the Season 2 overview on the Call of Duty blog, Frank Woods and his team of CIA operators head to the Golden Triangle, infamous for its history of narcotics production and trafficking. Their mission is to extract any evidence they can of the deadly chemical weapon Nova 6 and to continue the search for the CIA's Russell Adler.


The team finds themselves in the Laotian jungle in the new map, face to face with the drug cartel run by the fierce and brutal Kapano "Naga" Van (also a playable operator for the game's Warsaw Pact faction). Apocalypse is a small-to-medium sized map featuring ancient ruins — which serve as a fortified position for Naga and his operation — filled with stacks of gold bars and crates of weapons. Players can take the fight into the torch-lit hallways of the ruined fortress or into the compound surrounded by the encroaching jungle.

Call of Duty returns to the Ural Mountains

On the outside, Golova appears to be a traditional steppe village outside of Russia's Ural Mountains, located between the border of Europe and Asia. But underneath the surface of this idyllic town is a dark secret. Designed by the antagonist of the original Call of Duty: Black OpsNikita Dragovich, Golova serves as a cover for his "Numbers Program," which longtime series players might remember from the first Black Ops, when Dragovich used it to brainwash Alex Mason.


Golova features plenty of close-quarters combat fighting throughout its homes, large church, and industrial facilities, but it also includes large sweeping areas of fields and hills with spots of cover from trees and brush for players to engage in more long-range firefights as well, the Black Ops – Cold War Season 2 overview said. The new map is available in the zombies "Outbreak" mode

Raid the mansion in Havana (ooh na-na)

This map offers players nothing but close-quarters gunplay. The Mansion is also featured toward the end of the Black Ops – Cold War campaign, in the "End of the Line" mission. That episode brings the CIA team to a remote compound 30 miles south of Havana, where the villainous Perseus' troops have fortified the "Hefe Mansion" and some surrounding buildings to hide a nuclear device, though it's pretty clear that none of these buildings have been occupied for a while.


The new multiplayer map, however, will be a smaller version of the Hefe Mansion and will take place across its east and west courtyards, according to the Season 2 overview. The eastern courtyard will feature palm trees and a gazebo, while the western courtyard will feature a statue and nonfunctional fountain. Players can also take the fight indoors, around the mansion's hallways or up on its balcony.

Unlike the other maps, the Mansion will be available for 2v2 and 3v3 action in Gun Fight and Face Off modes.

Rise and shine, Miami

Players will get another familiar experience in Season 2 with the release of "Miami Strike," a new take on an existing map. Like the Mansion, Miami Strike takes place on an altered version of an existing map, simply dubbed "Miami." The original map brought CIA special forces head to head with the DGI along Ocean Park Drive in the famous South Beach, a neighborhood known for its bustling nightlife. The new Season 2 map, however, seemingly takes the bright neon lights and purple skies and trades them for the burning sunshine of a beautiful morning on the Florida coast.


The new daylight version of the map will also be smaller version of the original Miami map, making the tight, urban firefights even more claustrophobic and intense. Miami Strike will be available for 6v6 games and, per the Black Ops – Cold War Season 2 overview, is expected to release later in Season 2.