This Lady Dimitrescu Business Has Officially Gone Too Far

Ah, Lady Dimitrescu, how the internet loves you in all your tall glory. The new antagonist from Resident Evil Village has inspired impressive cosplays and potential Fortnite collaborations in a very short amount of time. In early 2021, gamers grew even more curious about the tall, sexy vampire gracing every gaming website on the internet, and demanded to know more. After finding out her height, then her real height, fans now have a new titillating piece of information: her shoe size. It all feels like it's just gone a little too far, but fans seem to be enjoying the latest details from the developers of Resident Evil Village. 


IGN got the inside scoop on Lady Dimitrescu's particulars from the source itself, art director Tomonori Takano. When IGN asked, Takano dutifully provided Dimitrescu's shoe size, reporting that the shockingly tall woman wears a "44 cm (17.3 inches), which is almost double the average women's shoe size." Takano explained that he based Dimitrescu's intimidating heels on a real pair of shoes, which he "scanned and resized digitally to match the giantess' formidable height." 

Of course, IGN wouldn't schedule an interview with Takano just to ask about Lady Dimitrescu's shoe size. Takano also shared some background on Resident Evil Village's setting and characters. Taken said, "The concept started out as a castle with a hundred witches inside, but that was hard to implement into a videogame format, which is why we ended up making it like this," with Lady Dimitrescu only having three, more narratively-developed daughters.


 While 100 witches could have been visually arresting, game director Morimasa Sato said, "Ethan has a family he is trying to protect, so we wanted to have a family for Lady Dimitrescu as well, to provide a contrast." This contrast will inevitably help progress Resident Evil Village's plot and develop some characters along the way. Fans love a sympathetic villain, after all.

Still, fans latched on to the shoe size detail from the interview. When noted industry insider Nibel shared the information, he jokingly referred to the interested fans as "sickos." Another commenter simply asked why Lady Dimitrescu's shoe size was even a part of the interview. 

No matter why gamers want to know more about Lady Dimitrescu, the hype for Resident Evil Village continues to grow. Until the game releases in May, gamers will have to remain satisfied with details regarding Lady Dimitrescu's fashion sense, as well as the many, many memes created in her honor.