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What You Should Know About Corpse Husband And Jacksepticeye's Relationship

Corpse Husband, the famous deep-voiced streamer, is quite the YouTube sensation. On top of his unique vocal tone, he generates even more intrigue because he won't reveal his face to his fans. Despite the mystery and his alleged lack of a social life, Corpse Husband seems to be quite capable of attracting interest and attention from others. He and Dream appear to have a solid working relationship, he previously had a friendly Twitter exchange with singing sensation Halsey, and he even teamed up with famous rapper Machine Gun Kelly to record a track.


But what about close friends? One would have to assume that even a secretive person like Corpse Husband has at least a couple of people he allows in his inner circle. One fellow YouTuber Corpse has interacted with on numerous occasions is Jacksepticeye. What does their relationship look like? Are they close friends or mere colleagues? Do they even get along? 

This is what you should know about Corpse Husband and Jacksepticeye's relationship.

Corpse Husband called Jacksepticeye his best friend

Corpse Husband released a hit tune called "E-Girls Are Ruining My Life," which was so popular it won him a contest to be featured on a billboard in Times Square. When he shared the news on Twitter, Jacksepticeye tweeted "This is so cool! Proud of you man." How did Corpse respond? "[B]est friends your honour." It's the kind of heartwarming exchange you would expect from close pals. 


During a Q&A session, Jacksepticeye revealed that he first met Corpse through "Dave," a.k.a. fellow YouTuber Boyinaband. They played Among Us together and have since become, in his own words, "best friends."

If Jacksepticeye knows who Corpse Husband really is, he's not telling fans. In fact, during one memorable moment from a Jacksepticeye upload, he urged fans not to "pressure" Corpse Husband into revealing his face, respecting his fellow content creator's need for anonymity.

In one of their Among Us games, the two were "married" for nearly five minutes. Corpse, who was the Imposter, would not kill his good friend Jasksepticeye. This cost him the game but proved the extent of their friendship. The video's description reads, "These two have such an amazing friendship," which seems to be an accurate way to describe the bond between Corpse Husband and Jacksepticeye.