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The Truth About Corpse Husband And Valkyrae's Relationship

Anyone with even a passing interest in the streaming community has a hard time avoiding hearing about Corpse Husband or Valkyrae, two of the biggest names in the game right now. Both streamers use YouTube as their primary content creation channel, and their regular Among Us and Rust sessions have developed a dedicated following.


While Valkyrae and Corpse Husband have found a lot of success with their increasingly frequent collaborations, they have taken different paths to get where they are today. Valkyrae leveraged a popular Instagram account to build a thriving Twitch community before joining the high-profile 100 Thieves lifestyle and gaming brand. She then became one of the highest-profile streamers to sign an exclusivity deal with YouTube, where she has enjoyed continued success.

Corpse Husband's path to streaming fame was a little more direct, but a lot less conventional. The mysterious, deep-voiced YouTuber started on YouTube using his natural baritone to tell weird and scary stories for years, establishing a large following. However, when he began streaming Among Us videos, his viewership skyrocketed, making him the wildly popular online personality he is today.


As with any online relationship with dedicated fans on both sides, Valkyrae and Corpse Husband's collaborations have invited a lot of speculation. Here is the truth about Corpse Husband and Valkyrae's relationship.

Corpse Husband and Valkyrae are close friends, but are not in a relationship

While the internet has tried to ship Corpse Husband with plenty of famous figures, including Halsey, Valkyrae and Corpse Husband are apparently just good friends.

There may not be anything romantic between the two YouTube streamers, but Valkyrae and Corpse Husband are very supportive of one another online. During one late-night Rust stream in December 2020, Corpse Husband, who has extensive health issues, stopped responding to his fellow streamers, prompting Valkyrae to grow concerned. While Corpse Husband was committed to staying on the stream until the group's agreed-upon time, 4 AM, Valkyrae insisted that he log off to get some sleep. Valkyrae tweeted a message of support after he logged off, which ended with the reminder that "Your health comes FIRST!!"


Corpse Husband had the chance to return the favor the following January, when he and several other streamers surprised Valkyrae with a surprise birthday party in Rust. After fellow streamer Sykkuno managed to convince Valkyrae that he needed help with something in-game, Valkyrae followed him to an unassuming shack that contained birthday cakes and custom Among Us art on the walls.

Valkyrae became Corpse Husband in his music video with Machine Gun Kelly

While Valkyrae and Corpse Husand have enjoyed a ton of success working together through their streaming platforms, one of their most notable collaborations came through Corpse Husband's music career.

In March 2021, Corpse Husband thrilled his fans when he announced that he would be recording a track with rapper Machine Gun Kelly called "Daywalker!" The release of the song was soon followed by an announcement of a full music video. While that news alone caused a big reaction among Corpse Husband's fans, things got even more exciting when Valkyrae began dropping hints that she may have some involvement in the project.


Sure enough, when the music video arrived on March 18, Valkyrae had a very prominent cameo in it. The YouTube star showed up near the halfway mark of the "Daywalker!" music video — at the same point that Corpse Husband's lyrics began. Beyond that, Valkyrae proceeded to lip sync to Corpse Husband's verses, essentially playing the streamer, who goes to great lengths to avoid revealing his face, in his own music video.