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Why Corpse Husband Has Beef With Spotify

Corpse Husband has enjoyed a meteoric rise to fame in the last several months. From his popular creepypasta narrations to his music and his video game streams, the gravelly-voiced enigma is a pro at creating diverse content. He's even collaborated with the likes of rapper Machine Gun Kelly, cementing his legitimacy in popular music. And while the notoriously private YouTuber-turned-musician initially seemed to have a decent relationship with platforms like Spotify — on which his song "E-Girls Are Ruining My Life" snagged over 100 million listens in less than a month — his true feelings about how the platform handles clout chasers have recently come to light.

In a now-deleted May 11 tweet (via Dexerto), Corpse wrote on his secondary Twitter account, "99% of the time I @ a music distribution service, it's because some trash artist off using their service abused it to get their music on my page." He added, "In this case I saw it coming a week early, warned spotify, they reassured me it was taken off 100% and it still ended up there lmao."

It appears as though Corpse Husband's Spotify page has become a target of artists attempting to take advantage of his success by uploading their own music to his artist page. While this may sound like an incredibly inappropriate practice, it seems artists are not restricted from uploading their own music to certain musicians' pages. As Corpse himself tweeted, "Anyone can upload anything onto any independent artists spotify, and there's no defense against it. Isn't that f***ing ridiculous?"

Corpse Husband might be prioritizing music over gaming

The good news is that the situation with Spotify seems to have been cleared up, as Corpse deleted his frustrated tweets and his Spotify page appears to be free of imposters, as reported by Dexerto. Whether or not it will stay that way remains to be seen.

It's safe to say that Corpse Husband's career in music isn't going anywhere. For a while, however, the same couldn't be said for his streaming career. During an April 16 "Among Us" stream, the faceless YouTuber dropped a bombshell, revealing that he might be stepping away from streaming in order to focus on "big projects" rather than "daily consistent [content]."

Luckily for fans of Corpse's gaming content, though, it appears that the enigmatic YouTuber isn't ready to hang up his gaming hat just yet. On May 6, he tweeted, "Capcom sponsored me and gave me the new 'Resident Evil Village' game a day before it officially comes out so that I can stream it on my YouTube channel today."

And that was exactly what he did, streaming a playthrough of the wildly popular survival-horror game's first few hours and offering hilarious commentary (mainly about Lady Dimitrescu's hips) with fellow streamer TinaKitten.