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Rumors Point To A Major Metroid Re-Release

"Metroid Dread" proved to longtime "Metroid" fans that dreams do come true. After learning that "Metroid Dread" has existed longer than developers let on, people started piecing together what else could be in development. First, industry experts thought the company would re-release the Wii U "Metroid Trilogy" on the Nintendo Switch. Then, recent reports alleged that "Metroid Prime" could come to the Nintendo Switch as a standalone title instead.

Jeff Grubb, a reputable figure in the gaming industry and VentureBeat reporter, tweeted about "Metroid" last week. According to Video Game Chronicle, these claims may contradict what he said earlier this year about a completed "Metroid Prime Trilogy" remaster for the Nintendo Switch awaiting release.

"I think that Nintendo will rerelease 'Metroid Prime 1' on Switch instead of Trilogy," he wrote. "It has been working on this for years, and when I first heard, everyone (including me) assumed it was the Trilogy."

When asked if Nintendo had anything planned for "Metroid 2" or "Metroid 3," Grubb said that it was possible. However, he emphasized again that he heard the plan was to re-release "Metroid 1" aka "Metroid Prime" for the series' anniversary in 2022. There aren't any clear plans for "Metroid 2" or "Metroid 3."

Anniversary re-release prediction echoes earlier rumor

Grubb also referenced Emily Rogers' tweet about "Metroid Prime" from a couple of weeks ago. "Emily Rogers mentioned this, and I went back to look into it, and I think she's right," he added to his tweet thread.

Rogers, a Nintendo insider and contributor for Nintendo World Report, responded to a Nintendo wishlist tweet in September. "Last I heard, Nintendo was busy working on 'Metroid Prime 1' to celebrate the game's 20th anniversary in 2022," she wrote. This part matches Grubb's recent statement about "Metroid Prime 1" as a focus for the upcoming anniversary. However, Rogers also made sure to clarify that this wasn't concrete information. "I'm not sure if we're getting a 'trilogy' or just a re-release of the first game. I'm leaning toward the latter, but I hope we get the former."

"Metroid Dread," the first new "Metroid" game in years, launches October 8 for the Nintendo Switch. The installment has ambitious plans to correct one of the series' biggest controversies and bring back a classic "Metroid" boss. The impending return of the long-slumbering franchise has spawned plenty of excitement, including an uproar over "Metroid Dread" amiibos.