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Dr Disrespect Thinks Halo Infinite Is Missing One Thing

Dr Disrespect has gone back and forth on "Halo Infinite" ahead of its upcoming Dec. 8 release. He wasn't impressed with the game's October 2021 campaign video, and at the time he felt that the game couldn't do well without a battle royale mode. Before that, he was put off by the fact that 343 Industries left playtesting up to gamers when that could've been done by a pro team.


Despite his prior opinions, Dr Disrespect is as full of surprises as "Halo Infinite" itself. The game treated players to an early multiplayer beta release on Nov. 15 as a celebration of the franchise's 20th anniversary. Upon playing what's available of the game so far, Dr Disrespect reversed course on "Halo Infinite," citing the "classic Halo feel" and airtight gameplay as reasons he's over the moon for the new title overall.

Though Dr Disrespect has flipped his own script and recently become convinced that "Halo Infinite" is worth getting excited about, he still has some qualms with the new title. The way he sees it, there's one thing missing that would have made the game much better.

Dr Disrespect Needs Better Damage Tracking in Halo Infinite

In his Nov. 17 livestream featuring over 6 hours of "Halo Infinite" gameplay, Dr Disrespect was in rare form sharing glowing reviews of the new title (via Dexerto). Though he ate up the game overall and said he looks forward to putting "hours and hours" into it as time goes on, there was one thing missing that he really wished was there.


Dr Disrespect found that "Halo Infinite" tracks damage in a frustrating way by not giving players enough of a heads-up when they're about to die. He called this aspect of the game "woeful," describing the visual representation of damage as "here, there, and everywhere." Though he made it clear that he doesn't want some kind of cinematic, audio-visual drama to alert him of his low life capacity, Dr Disrespect would appreciate it if "343 can just boost up the messaging" around damage to "make the whole game incredible."

As annoying as Dr Disrespect finds the damage tracking capabilities of "Halo Infinite," his reviews are still much more positive than it seemed they ever would be given his initial concerns. Since this is technically a multiplayer beta, it seems possible that 343 could add a few more damage tracking cues and make Dr Disrespect's wish come true. Though "Halo Infinite" will launch Dec. 8 without some key game modes players want, promised post-launch changes open up the possibility for patches, including a chance for Dr. Disrespect to get the damage counting capabilities he desires.