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Halo Infinite Battle Royale Could Be After A Whole New Audience

Players have long been vocal about the multiplayer issues in "Halo Infinite" and their desire for additional content. While the title has made strides to fix its grind problem and plans to introduce new multiplayer maps alongside its second season, there's still a whole lot missing from what fans expected from the next major "Halo" entry — even after delays. That said, it looks like "Halo Infinite" has a few surprises left in store, namely in a highly requested mode that gamers recently glimpsed.

While 343 industries previously indicated there wasn't a future for a battle royale mode in "Halo Infinite," Windows Central journalist Jez Corden recently spoke about a potential mode that contradicts earlier sentiments and brings an entirely new dynamic to "Halo Infinite" multiplayer. Appearing on episode 212 of the Xbox Two podcast, Corden claimed 343 is toying with the idea of a new multiplayer mode that aims to create a PvPvE scenario and potentially lure new kinds of players into "Halo Infinite" multiplayer. 

While this new mode still sounds like it's in the early stages of testing, and there's no guarantee it'll ever see the light of day, Corden's account points to a multiplayer engagement that might attract fresh blood to the "Halo" crucible and reinvigorate multiplayer in "Halo Infinite."

New Halo Infinite mode could offer a unique battle royale experience

A battle royale mode in "Halo Infinite" has long been requested by both fans and prominent personalities in the gaming industry, but until now that possibility seemed off the table. According to Jez Corden, 343 Industries isn't exactly testing out a "PUBG" or "Fortnite" clone, but something that sounds like it's looking to carve out its own niche in the lineup of battle royale options. 

"I believe that what they're testing right now is duos and trios, and it's sort of like a map. It's a big map that's sort of like, it has shrinking circles like a battle royale, and it sort of forces you to move around the map. There's like different objectives and stuff like that: like you'll be able to catch Forward Operating Bases for example, and you'll be able to defend them," Corden said.

Corden went on to describe other differences that may make their way into 343's take on a battle royale, including ways to earn more respawns and mini-missions available on the map. He did note that everything discussed is still just in the possibility phase and that these options are being tested — not confirmed features set to premier in the mode. Corden alleged that the mode has been in development for two years and is being carefully constructed as a competitor in the battle royale market that offers something a little different.