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JiDion Denies TommyInnit Harassment Allegations

It's been quite the dramatic couple months for streamer JiDion. After setting off a hate raid targeting Pokimane in January that almost forced her to say goodbye to the platform for good, the former Twitch partner received a ban from the platform. Though the two reached a surprising truce, the controversy triggered a chain reaction. Pokimane expressed her frustration with fellow Twitch streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins' offer to help JiDion get back on Twitch, which eventually escalated into a threat of legal action from Jessica Blevins.

As if that situation wasn't messy enough, JiDion is now at the center of another heated conversation. Like many streamers, JiDion has been to his fair share of conferences, but he keeps getting kicked out of them. He was baffled to be kicked out of a furry convention back in May, and has since been banned from Wimbledon and asked to leave TwitchCon EU. Though JiDion was able to laugh off being asked to leave TwitchCon EU – he is permanently banned from the sponsoring platform, after all – he still has plans to get into this year's San Diego TwitchCon, whether he's welcome or not. 

TommyInnit was particularly upset by JiDion's alleged behavior at TwitchCon, as the streamer was accused of shouting and pushing his way through a meet and greet line. Though TommyInnit didn't name JiDion directly, his fans made it clear who he was referring to. In the eyes of the 18-year-old streamer, JiDion's actions were bullying, which is something that many of his fans have experienced in the past. However, JiDion has a very different view of the event. Here's what the embattled streamer had to say in the wake of the TwitchCon meet and greet controversy.

JiDion and TommyInnit's conflicting stories

According to JiDion, the accusations from TommyInnit and his fans are entirely false. The streamer posted an Instagram story on July 21 with his response to the situation, which has since been shared on Twitter by Def Noodles. 

In his words, "it really sucks that there is an article and huge Twitch streamer going around saying I harassed and bullied kids in a meet and greet line. So far from the truth." As he explained further, he has a video dropping next week that will supposedly disprove TommyInnit's harassment allegations. Adding a hint of humor, he wrapped up the message by saying, "imma try to go the month of August with no drama but it's getting hard."

Many of the replies to this Twitter post have seemed skeptical of JiDion's repeated claims of innocence. It'll be interesting to see what evidence the upcoming JiDion video contains, and how TommyInnit will respond once it goes live. For now, fans will have to come to their own conclusions on the controversy.