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Elden Ring Reveals The Incredibly Bizarre Ways Flasks Are Stored

FromSoftware gave fans of the Soulsborne genre another hit this year with the release of "Elden Ring." Since it launched in March, fans have enjoyed diving into the Lands Between to fight terrifying and challenging bosses. As with past FromSoftware titles, there have also been plenty of secrets to uncover.

Diligent players have already found a hidden colosseum, the hiding place of bosses, and secrets about bosses like Rykard. Now, with the release of a new "Elden Ring" manga, fans are discovering some bizarre secrets they probably never thought to consider.

When FromSoftware revealed in March that it was just getting started with "Elden Ring" and that lots of other content was on the way, few likely would have guessed that this would include a comedy manga featuring an unlucky Tarnished getting pummeled and mocked at every turn. While this idea has been played with before by the likes of CarbotAnimations, this new manga offers a more official take on "Elden Ring" comedy. In the process it's given players a somewhat awkward look at how the Tarnished stores their many flasks while out adventuring in the world.

Flasks are stored on the caboose?

Players would probably assume characters carry flasks in pockets on their outfits, or maybe tied to their belts or in a pouch. Perhaps the Tarnished has a bag of holding to store all their equipment. As it turns out, none of these answers are correct. Perhaps recognizing that the player can carry flasks even when not wearing any clothing, the writers of the manga have offered a different explanation.

In the first chapter of the new manga, it's revealed that potions are, in fact, stuck to the Tarnished's behind like suction cups. Shortly after his adventure begins, the Tarnished discovers a pair of flasks on his behind and finds himself asking how they got there. He even wonders if this is someone's idea of giving him cupping therapy.

So far, the manga is receiving a warm and giggling reception from fans. The story and its tongue-in-cheek approach to the otherwise dark story has readers laughing and sharing their joy online. Plenty of fans are praising this approach to the tale and consider making it a comedy an "inspired move." In particular, it's been noted that this story has the protagonist behaving and reacting the way many players do while playing the game, which makes it all the more relatable.

For gamers who don't take "Elden Ring” too seriously and enjoy a good laugh, this is proving to be a great manga. Revealing just how those flasks get carried around is a bonus.