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Pokimane And Corrina Kopf's Gambling Feud Explained

Streamer Pokimane is known for speaking her mind and standing by her principles. She's also no stranger to feuds with other streamers. In the past, she's taken a stand against sexism and misogyny in the gaming community when she spoke about the one word she can't stand and criticized Twitch trends that she believes are unhealthy. Throughout 2022, she found herself in an ongoing conflict with JiDion and Ninja and, while she has subsequently put her feud with JiDion to rest, her issues with Ninja are ongoing.

Meanwhile, Twitch has recently invited controversy by announcing big changes to its gambling policy. With prominent streamers speaking out against Twitch streams that promote gambling, the company has made the decision to ban such streams on its platform. Now, this change and streamer reactions to it have landed Pokimane in a new feud with fellow streamer Corrina Kopf, as the two have gone back and forth on social media, trading accusations and sarcasm.

The feud seems to have begun with Pokimane's vocal stand against gambling streams on Twitch. The streamer had previously put her foot down against the promotion of gambling and called for Twitch to take action on Twitter. But how did Corrina Kopf get involved?

Pokimane and Kopf exchange barbs over gambling

Corinna Kopf, on other hand, has taken issue with the new Twitch rules, criticizing the decision and portraying it as a slippery slope that will lead to more restrictions on streamers (per Dexerto). Seemingly out of frustration, Kopf decided to take a shot at Pokimane as a supporter of the ban, tweeting at her and insinuating that Pokimane is a hypocrite. The tweet included a screenshot of a Pokimane video and referenced an incident in 2021 when Pokimane was caught with a gambling stream playing in her room. While Pokimane explained that she had been watching a friend's stream and wasn't aware that it would involve gambling, she was still called out for hypocrisy on the issue.

In response, Pokimane took to Twitch to, once again, explain and defend her viewing of a gambling stream and sarcastically thanked Kopf for pointing it out. She also made a joke about Kopf losing her "job promoting illegal crypto-gambling websites," presumably referencing her partnership with crypto-gambling platform Stake. Not willing to allow Pokimane to get the last word, Kopf responded with another tweet saying "can't say too much, she might get me banned off twitch" with an emoji that indicated she was laughing the whole thing off.

Since, both Pokimane and Kopf have seemed to have let tensions settle down and neither has engaged the other. However, Kopf has continued to attack Twitch's decision, retweeting accusations of Twitch hypocrisy on the issue and theories that Twitch has taken this step to make more money.