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How Fans Are Making Their Choice Of Christopher Judge As Kratos Well-Known

The internet just can't seem to get enough of Christopher Judge. Ever since "God of War Ragnarök" hit shelves, critics and fans have praised Judge's performance as the bloodthirsty God of War Kratos — so much so that Judge won the Best Performance award at the 2022 Game Awards, which was presented to him by Al Pacino. And upon receiving his award, Judge gave a moving acceptance speech that further captured the hearts of many fans.


However, although heartfelt, his speech was long, making for one of the wildest moments of the 2022 Game Awards. And according to the actor, he wasn't even done talking when the Game Awards music played him off stage. Naturally, this made Judge the talk of the event, with fans everywhere praising his portrayal of Kratos and his sincerity and humbleness. So, with Judge's masterful performance still fresh in everybody's mind, when Amazon officially announced its dive into the series with a live-action "God of War" TV series that treads the same steps as "God of War" 2018 (per Variety), fans only had one person in mind to play Kratos — and they wanted everyone to hear it.

Fans are flooding social media to advocate for Judge as Kratos

Social media has been buzzing since Amazon announced it was producing a live-action "God of War" series. However, the Internet was split, with some excited about the new series and those skeptical about it. Those against the series cited Amazon's "Rings of Power" as an example of how the company can fail at adapting such a beloved series.


However, one thing the Internet wasn't split about was who should be cast as Kratos. When it came to seriously casting the God of War, fans quickly advocated Christopher Judge. Although Judge wasn't the first to play Kratos, with TC Carson voicing the God of War in the original trilogy, many consider Judge's portrayal a better fit for older Kratos and can't see anyone else playing the role. One user wrote, "Christopher Judge DESERVES to play live action Kratos, no if ands or buts, he 100% deserves it"

Additionally, the Internet did what it does best and presented some joke castings of Kratos. For example, one user humorously advocated for Jonathan Banks from "Breaking Bad" fame to play the God of War via a hilarious photoshop. And, of course, there were more than a few references to the "God of War" TV spot where Ben Stiller played Kratos.


Whether Amazon picks up the voice of Kratos himself, Christopher Judge, for the live-action series or goes in a different direction is still being determined. But one thing is for certain: Nobody seems to want Chris Pratt in the role.