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Here's What Sony Just Changed In The PS5

Released nearly two weeks ago, Sony has now launched two performance-improving updates to the brand-new PS5 console. The PS5's first update came last week, taking up about 866MB of storage. Now, Sony has released its second update, which comes in at 886MB, according to IGN.


The newest update's features are somewhat vague at the moment. However, the 20.02-02.26.00 system update is said to improve "system performance."

Players can have their PS5's update automatically. Alternatively, they can choose to update the system manually by selecting "Update System Software" under "System Software Update and Settings," which is found within the "Settings" menu.

The previous patch for the PS5 worked exactly as intended and improved the console's performance. Further, it fixed an issue many PS5 users faced, which involved having to perform a factory reset after purchasing a game or app digitally. This bug would cause the purchased game or app to be stuck in "Queued for Download," though last week's update amended the issue.


The newest update's fixes are mostly unknown, though there are still numerous issues that PS5 users have contended with. One player, for instance, suffered a PS5-breaking hard drive issue. Meanwhile, PS5 players of Spider-Man: Remastered and Spider-Man: Miles Morales have reported system crashes when putting their consoles in rest mode. The issue was acknowledged by Insomniac Games developer James Stevenson, who tweeted that the team was "looking into this."

Despite the PS5's issues, the console has still been a history-making success for Sony. Sony CEO Jim Ryan has said that PS5's are entirely sold out. While he said that he had spent a lot of time drawing anticipation from consumers, he said that he is now focused on increasing the supply of PS5's.

Right now, the PS5's game library is somewhat limited. One of the console's major highlights currently is the critically-acclaimed Spider-Man: Miles Morales, which is also available on PS4. Further, the controversial Spider-Man: Remastered brings 2018's well-received Marvel's Spider-Man to PS5 with improvements in graphics and a frame rate of 60 FPS.

Another major PS5 launch title includes the Demon's Souls remake, a makeover of the 2009 PS3. While the game doesn't make any foundational changes to the Demon's Souls or Dark Souls formula, it does feature vastly improved presentation for the new generation alongside a reworked healing system and accessibility options.


Hopefully the newest performance fixes for the console will make these great games even greater.