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The One Accent That Corpse Husband Is 'Stupidly Attracted' To

It's hard to talk about streamers who won't show their faces without mentioning Corpse Husband. He's something of a sensation, and while he is very enigmatic, many tragic details about him make him incredibly relatable, including a pretty heartbreaking reason why he won't reveal his face.


Regardless, not all is bleak in his world. Fortunately, Corpse Husband has seen a lot of success in the streaming world, which happened at the perfect time and essentially saved his life. He also has a good relationship with fellow streamers like Dream and is close friends with Jacksepticeye. But what about romantic interests? Corpse Husband has revealed in the past that he doesn't have an exact type, at least when it comes to physical appearance, but does that mean there isn't a quality he is attracted to in another person?

Many fans are drawn to Corpse Husband's deep voice, but is there a type of accent that he finds appealing?

Corpse Husband likes nurturing energy

During a Q&A livestream in 2017, a fan asked if Corpse Husband had a favorite accent. His response was, "You know, I am stupidly attracted to southern accents." He then elaborated "it's like a very specific one." At the time, he remarked that "it doesn't make any sense" and that he didn't really have a clue why he was so into southern accents. However, he later revisited the subject with a little more of an explanation. 


While playing Pummel Party with fellow streamers, Corpse not only added Dutch to his list of favorite accents, but he explained that southern drawls have a particular "nurturing energy" about them. He then referred to having "really bad mommy issues" as a likely reason why he found a "nurturing" type of accent so appealing. 

Following this piece of information, he told his viewers that he wasn't looking to draw any sympathy. Instead, he found it interesting that his previous relationships and many of his close female friends had this accent in common.