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The Best Memes Of E3 2021

2021 has been a good year for gaming memes. From fans creating memes to thirst over Lady Dimitrescu, to Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders sneaking into "Resident Evil 7," the internet loves to make fun of anything and everything. Naturally, an event in which the biggest companies in gaming revealed their latest and greatest titles is a breeding ground for all sorts of amazing memes.

E3 was a bit of a mixed bag in 2021. Some presentations were downright disappointing, and some game developers didn't show up at all. However, E3 2021 also brought fans news of a new "Metroid" game, as well as a new "Starfield" teaser that might hold secrets about the next "Elder Scrolls" game.

One thing that E3 didn't disappoint on was memes. As usual, gamers used their creativity and passion to create hilarious memes, all built around the reception to E3. Here are the best memes to come from E3 2021.

Never "froget" when Dying Light 2 had a typo

Typos are a normal thing, and anyone is capable of having a miscommunication between their brain and their fingers on the keyboard. However, the trailer for the much anticipated "Dying Light 2" featured a noticeable error that fans latched onto immediately.

Techland accidentally left a significant typo in its "Dying Light 2" trailer, lightening the dark mood of the preview considerably. As a gritty voiceover explained the torture the protagonist endured, subtitles of the speaker's words appeared on screen. The speakers audio sounded correct, saying, "I'll never forget her scream when they separated us." However, the subtitles stated "froget" instead of "forget," leading to an unintentional self-made meme for Techland.

Typically, the typo might not have been a big deal, but considering the fact that nothing else was happening in the trailer at that moment aside from the unfortunate subtitles, fans latched onto the mistake and began retweeting it online. Gamers used the typo in a variety of ways. One posted the words "I'll never froget" along with a picture of Slippy the frog from "Star Fox." Another said enthusiastically, "NEVER FROGIVE, NEVER FROGET!"

Despite the trailer reveal,"Dying Light 2" might be in serious trouble, especially considering the behind the scenes turmoil that developers have reported over the past year. At least gamers will have this meme to remember fondly as they wait for the game itself.

Metroid fans rise up

Fans were delighted to see signs of life from "Elden Ring," FromSoftware's long-awaited game that boasts an open world design and weird enemies. "Metroid" fans also got unexpected news with the announcement of "Metroid: Dread." Both groups were pitted against each other in a group of unlikely memes depicting the long wait for news on either franchise.

Twitter user @spicycate tweeted a meme of an image from "Dark Souls 3" that depicts a knight facing down an impossibly large foe. The knight is labeled "'Elden Ring' being real after 2 years," while the giant is named "'Metroid Dread' being real after 15 years." It's true that "Elden Ring" fans have waited years for news, but "Metroid" fans have waited considerably longer — and "Metroid Dread" has been in some form of development for a long time.

The meme plays with the dark fantasy seen in "Elden Ring" and other FromSoftware games to make "Metroid" seem like an ancient, unstoppable enemy, towering over younger fans that haven't suffered the ravages of time. Waiting for 15 years can really take its toll on even the most hardcore fans, but grizzled "Metroid" vets will be able to return to action soon.

Square Enix comes up empty

Fans love to drag game companies. Part of their incessant commentary has to do with the' passion that gamers feel for upcoming games, as well as their frustration when things get delayed or arrive in subpar condition. When game companies don't deliver exciting presentations at E3, fans let them know, and unfortunately that's what happened to Square Enix.

It's no secret that Square Enix had one of the most disappointing presentations at E3, but things got even worse after the conference, when the much-hyped demo for "Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin" failed to work for most users. 

The gaming community took notice, of course. Some fans pointed out that the protagonist of "Stranger of Paradise" looks an awful lot like Dante from the "Devil May Cry" series, and mourned the fact that Square Enix didn't have more typical "Final Fantasy"-styled characters. 

Most hilariously, one gamer posted a meme of a picture from "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" featuring Will Smith looking around an empty apartment. The picture was subtitled "Square Enix E3," essentially driving home the point that the gaming giant had nothing to show for itself. Another gamer took this a step forward, editing a giant sword onto Smith's back and giving the meme a little extra "Final Fantasy" flare.