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The Streamer That Over 21% Of People Want Gone

Building an audience as a streamer on sites like Twitch and YouTube isn't easy. At almost every tier, from the bottom to the top, there is intense competition for viewers. To help themselves stand out in the crowd, it can be beneficial if streamers develop a niche or a bit of an edge in their personality to make an impression.

After all, streamers like xQc have built highly successful channels and brands off personalities that fans could easily describe as entertainingly abrasive. However, sometimes what makes a streamer unique can be exactly what turns off specific viewers, while other fans are tired of specific trends in streaming. When using a platform that reaches millions of viewers, top content creators have plenty of opportunities to find individuals who aren't impressed with what they have to offer. The size of that platform itself can sometimes be the root of the problem, with certain fans simply getting tired of seeing overexposed Twitch personalities.

To find out which streamers pushed the wrong buttons for the most fans, SVG asked over 600 gamers from the United States which streamer they want to delete their account. Things played out pretty evenly among the choices put before voters, but over 21% had one streamer in mind for deletion.

Almost one out of four gamers want Ninja to delete his account

The streamer that the most fans wanted to ditch his account was one of the best-known content creators in the game: Ninja. Slightly over 21% of gamers have decided they had seen enough of the blue-haired streamer with his own signature "Fortnite" skin. Between Hollywood appearances and massive streaming contracts, Ninja has made headlines both in the world of gaming and outside of it.

However, the successful streamer, who has over 16 million followers on Twitch, has made plenty of comments that rubbed fans the wrong way or made him seem out of touch with his base. An unfortunate rant against taxes prompted a response from Shroud, and sponsored products such as his Adidas sneakers have elicited mixed reactions. While Ninja has plenty of fans who love everything he does, bad habits like rage quitting and bragging about his wealth have given the haters plenty of reasons to continue disliking him.

Right behind Ninja was another iconic streamer, Pokimane. While Pokimane doesn't have the same reputation for controversy as some of the other names on SVG's poll, she is a very visible streamer with more than 7.8 million followers on Twitch alone. It looks like not everyone is a fan of Pokimane's style of streaming, however, as nearly 19% of gamers would like to see her shut down her account and stop streaming. It's unclear if these votes have anything to do with Pokimane's previous feuds with other creators.

Gamers have opinions on other prominent streamers as well

Sitting right behind Pokimane is the streamer perhaps most consistently associated with controversy, Dr Disrespect. The intense mustachioed streamer has already had his Twitch account permanently banned in June 2020, and 18% of gamers would like to see his YouTube channel, which has 3.3 million subscribers, shut down as well.

Behind DrDisRespect was Valkyrae, who 15% of poll respondents wanted to give up streaming. Valkyrae's Twitch still has 1.1 million followers, despite being inactive for over a year, while her YouTube channel has 3.4 million subscribers. While she still has a long way to go to catch up with Ninja or Pokimane in terms of followers, Valkyrae's growth over the last year has been tremendous, aided by smart collaborations with the likes of Corpse Husband and Machine Gun Kelly.

The last-place finisher (or first-place, depending on how you look at it) in SVG's poll was the unflappable Shroud, whose level demeanor is complimented by some of the most renowned aiming skills in the streaming community. While his Twitch channel, which boasts 9.1 million subscribers, tends to be pretty focused on gaming and not much else, 9% of gamers would be happy to see Shroud pack it in.