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Corpse Husband Reveals The Surprising Truth About His Management

Corpse Husband, the streamer that soared to fame in 2020, has experienced his fair share of tragedy. Even though he had hardship in his early life, people just aren't willing to give Corpse a break, and he continues to face problems in his professional career. While Corpse is thriving, growing his presence to include popular music and voice acting for TV shows, he still keeps his personal life relatively private. In a recent talk with Ironmouse – a vtuber who's blowing up Twitch charts in her own way – Corpse said that he has a very specific reason for managing his own business decisions, even though it means he's turned down some million dollar deals in the process.

Corpse Husband has maintained that he doesn't have a manager and represents himself in all business deals and artistic projects. That means that he single-handedly orchestrated his collaboration with Machine Gun Kelly and his appearance in a "Dying Light" film. While Corpse hasn't previously discussed why he has chosen to forgo representation, the topic came up when he joined Ironmouse during her subathon. When asked about his experiences in the music industry, Corpse sighed and mumbled, "Industry s***..." before getting into the real reason why he prefers to work alone.

Why doesn't Corpse have a manager?

"There's like, 50 people – well, maybe not 50, but people always claim that their managing me, people that I've never heard of," Corpse revealed. He explained that for that reason he's never included information about his management on any site. After several people decided to pretend to be his manager, or have some close connection with him, it seemed like a risk to discuss his representation online. However, the truth is that he doesn't have any representation.

After being asked, "So do you actually have management?" Corpse responded, "No, I've never had anything." Corpse's fellow broadcaster seemed surprised that Corpse was able to manage his swift rise to internet stardom all on his own, but the decision makes some sense. Corpse Husband is one of many faceless streamers, entertainers who refuse to show their face on stream and instead use avatars and vtube rigs instead of their actual face. Of course, some also choose to simply not turn their camera on, and Corpse has done his share of that, too. Corpse values his privacy, and seems uninterested in sharing his identity with the world (outside of a few close friendships with streamers like Valkyrae). It's not surprising that he's handled his own business deals, but it's nonetheless impressive.