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Streamers You Never Knew Spoke Multiple Languages

Streaming can sometimes seem like a career anyone could do. To the untrained eye, individuals simply log on to their favorite streaming platform and share their thoughts with the rest of the world. Sometimes they play games, but they don't have to — and even when they do delve into the world of video games, they don't have to be particularly good at them. Though it's generally taboo for streamers to leak personal information online – both for their own safety and privacy – there's often no harm in letting a few of their hidden skills slip on-air. After all, who wouldn't be proud to be multilingual?


Some streamers learn multiple languages through growing up with multilingual parents, while others acquired the skill through study or international travel. Regardless, fans are always excited to discover that their favorite internet celebrity can chat in more than one language. Though all of the streamers on this list might not be fluent in their secondary (or tertiary!) languages, their dedication to learning and showing off their ability is impressive.

Disguised Toast can speak Mandarin

Disguised Toast caused waves when he began warning new streamers against Twitch after rejoining the platform himself. He continued by claiming that more streamers would soon be jumping ship in favor of other services soon– and it's possible that gamers may want to listen to Toast's words. After all, he's a pretty smart cookie. In addition to his knowledge of streaming strategies, Disguised Toast also speaks multiple languages, including Mandarin.


In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, Disguised Toast's manager, Mike Lee, said that representing gamers like Toast was important to him. Lee said that Toast plays games that might not have a huge following, but require a great deal of thought." I think people often forget how important these strategy games are and how much time it actually consumes from an average media consumer," Lee said. " [And] the fact that he speaks Mandarin, has an immigrant story — for us, that's always great to see and support." In other words, Disguised Toast was a clear winner for his agent, representative of something bigger than himself.

xQc is fluent in French

xQc is relatively upfront with his fans. He got honest about his gambling addiction in 2022, warning others against gambling if they couldn't afford it. He's also shared with fans that he receives a shocking number of death threats, and that he's been regularly swatted in the past. Among all this honesty, there's one fact that fans might be missing: xQc speaks French, and is in fact French Canadian.


While talking with fellow streamer Hasan Piker, xQc mentioned that he was French Canadian and spent most of his life in Quebec. When Piker asked him when he started speaking English, xQc said he learned from games like "The Legend of Zelda" and "Halo." He explained, "Most games that are based off of narratives and dialogues, you can't progress in the games if you don't know how to speak English." Even though he learned some English in school, French remained his primary language.

Fans have said in the past that xQc is difficult to understand — not because of his French accent, but because he speaks so quickly. At least one viewer has argued that those who can't understand xQc's unique dialect should simply listen to him more frequently to improve their comprehension. Fellow streamer Trainwrecks advised viewers to think about what xQc is saying conceptually, hanging on to the words they can understand. "It comes at a cost," the streamer said, warning that understanding xQc could impede their ability to follow other streamers' speech.


Pokimane got her language skills from her parents

Back in 2016, Pokimane did a Q&A on her Twitch channel in French. She noted that she was living in Ontario at the time, but that didn't account for when she learned French. One viewer asked how Pokimane started speaking French, commenting that her language skills were impressive. "I went to a French school when I was little," she said, before being interrupted by a delivery driver. She later continued her story, saying that she attended a French school until Grade 6, making French the first language she ever learned. In the Q&A, Pokimane also alluded to the other language she speaks in addition to English, Arabic.


Pokimane has shared that she's Moroccan and was actually born in Morocco before immigrating to Canada when she was four years old. Pokimane still speaks a Moroccan dialect of Arabic with her parents, and has shown off her Arabic skills with other streamers, including Myth. The two chatted about different dialects and compared their experiences in speaking Arabic while live on stream. Of course, the two streamers also shared their favorite Arabic words, several of which were swears.

Corpse Husband dabbles in linguistics

When Corpse Husband makes the news, it's usually because his fans are going wild over a new single or are speculating about the more tragic details of his life. With his booming music career and legions of fans, it would seem like Corpse is too busy to have many hobbies. However, the gravel-voiced streamer seems to dabble in linguistics, picking up phrases from a variety of different languages and often using them with native speakers during games.


While playing with TikTok personality and streamer Bretman Rock, Corpse spoke in Tagalog, wishing him goodbye. Rock laughed and signed off, but the brief interaction was a sign of Corpse's skill in picking up other languages quickly. He also attempted to sneak in a language lesson with Swedish streamer PewDiePie, asking for pronunciation help on a specific phrase. After parsing out what Corpse was saying, PewDiePie offered a correction before telling the rest of the group that Corpse had said, "I wanna die." Corpse explained, "I learn the important stuff." Even though PewDiePie had trouble understanding him, Corpse claimed that another player understood him perfectly.

Corpse has also spoken a little French with pal Pokimane. Fans have claimed that Corpse knows how to say "I have mental problems" in several languages, but that he doesn't actually speak any of those languages fluently. Still, he knows enough to get at least one dark joke in, no matter who he's streaming with.


Sykkuno is a modest multilingual streamer

Sykkuno is massively successful, yet shy. Even though he timidly covers his mouth when laughing, the variety streamer has a lot to be proud of, including his knowledge of several languages. As he continues leading the pack in the gaming world, occasionally speculating about hot topics like why content creators could be leaving Twitch in favor of YouTube, he still finds time to get in a little language practice with friends and family.


During a Just Chatting streaming session, Sykkuno discussed what he likes about differences in accents, deciding that they're usually pleasant to hear. "Maybe it's because I mispronounce things all the time, and I relate with it better," he commented. "I was born in California and I still mispronounce things. English is weird, guys." When a viewer asked Sykkuno if he spoke any other languages, he said he wouldn't go that far. "I speak a little bit of Spanish and a little bit of Cantonese," he explained.

Sykkuno then tried to explain – in Spanish – that he only speaks a little bit of the language, noting that he took a few Spanish classes in high school. As for Cantonese, he speaks to his grandmother in her native language, but called his pronunciation "scuffed." Even though Sykkuno's Cantonese is limited, it still warmed viewers' hearts to hear that he speaks to his grandmother in a way she can understand. 


Valkyrae is a multicultural curser

There's no doubt that Valkyrae is a talented streamer, both in term of her gaming skills and her business decisions. Even though the bubbly streamer went through the ringer during a scandal with her sponsored skincare brand, Valkyrae remains one of the only women in her field to co-own an esports organization. She also uses some of her abundant smarts to house another language, breaking it out at just the right moments to unleash her fury on foes.


Valkyrae's mom, who speaks Tagalog, joined her during a stream to coach her through some basic introductions. Rae said hello and told the audience her name in Tagalog, but didn't get to show off her true multilingual skill: cursing. One Redditor caught Valkyrae cursing in Tagalog while playing "Minecraft" and shared it with the internet. Some gamers dissected her choice of curse words and dialect, while others were just impressed with her skills. Either way, Valkyrae apologized to her mom, who surely was displeased with the display.

PewDiePie knows a little of everything

PewDiePie is a Swedish YouTuber who gained a bit of a reputation for his shady side, but that hasn't stopped him from gaining millions of followers over the years and sharing his life with his fans. Though PewDiePie has made more of an effort to avoid controversy in recent years, one thing that Pewds has never been shy about is his loose grasp on a variety of languages. Although his native language is Swedish, he also knows a portion of many Germanic languages.


One fan pieced together bits of PewDiePie speaking various languages throughout his streaming career, catching him speaking German, Finnish, Italian, and Russian. That being said, viewers have also noticed that Pewds' language skills aren't all that great. One German viewer pointed out that PewDiePie's reading of some in-game text turned out to be a different statement entirely from what the game intended. However, some Russian fans complimented his pronunciation, noting that he barely mispronounced anything. PewDiePie's multilingual skills seem more of a product of him knowing some words or phrases rather than total fluency, but that did not seem to disappoint his "Floor Gang" at all.

Myth knows Arabic

Former TSM player Myth speaks some Arabic. Even though the streamer is American, his parents taught him a thing or two about their native language and culture. On Twitter, Myth responded to a tweet about methods for identifying the best watermelon, commenting that thumping the rind and listening was "1000% an Arab parent thing." When another fan asked if Myth was Middle Eastern, a fellow viewer replied that the streamer is Syrian.


One thing viewers know for sure is that Myth speaks some Arabic, both to genuinely communicate and to have some fun. During one "Fortnite" stream, Myth joked around by speaking English with a heavy, affected accent, calling all of his teammates "habibi" and telling other players "salaam" as he passed. A conversation with Pokimane went a little smoother, as she also speaks the language. The pair discussed their favorite words, and Myth seemed surprised when Pokimane pronounced some words in a completely different way than he did. Even though they spoke different dialects, the duo bonded over learning more about each other.

LilyPichu speaks several languages

LilyPichu is well known in the gaming community, both for her streams and for her voice work in titles like "Genshin Impact" and various other projects. However, some viewers might not know that the streamer is also multilingual. Even though she wouldn't claim to be fluent in Korean, the streamer knew enough to ease her way as she took a trip to Korea. Back in 2016, LilyPichu documented her journey to Korea, recording her car ride with her uncle, her travels around the city, and her eventual trip home. Although Lilypichu spoke in English for her viewers throughout much of the vlog, she held conversations in Korean with her uncle.


Later, LilyPichu spoke Korean with other members of Offline TV, but she also took the opportunity to show off her Japanese skills. She introduced herself, telling viewers that she enjoys anime before reenacting a scene from "Attack on Titan." Her friends went wild, impressed with her accuracy. They were considerably less pleased with her British accent, however, which left something to be desired. The group had a good laugh, but the clip showed how knowledgeable LilyPichu is about other languages, especially Korean and Japanese.

LilyPichu also speaks a tiny bit of Mandarin, as she demonstrated during a "League of Legends" stream, but her friends didn't think her pronunciation was very good.

Scarra speaks some modest Chinese

Scarra is a brilliant streamer, the founder of Offline TV, and a skilled gamer, but that doesn't mean that he's a braggart about his accomplishments. He once admitted to Dr. K that he struggles with self-esteem issues that are sometimes difficult to understand. That being said, Scarra should be proud of the things he's accomplished, like knowing more than one language.


On Twitter, Scarra admitted that he never speaks Chinese, but he seems to know it. He insinuated that he's afraid Chinese viewers would think his pronunciation is bad, as he's not fluent. The streamer voiced similar concerns while on a trip to Taiwan. He tweeted, "The worst part of being in Taiwan is the look they give me when I can't speak Chinese well." Fans argued that Scarra could simply tell people that Chinese was not his first language, or that he's not Chinese, but that advice didn't shake Scarra's feeling that he might not want to share his knowledge out of fear of being bad at something.

Still, the world knows that Scarra can speak at least some Chinese. He completed a full interview for a Chinese language program back in his early "League of Legends" days. Well, with the help of a translator.


JackSepticEye learned Korean for a lover

Unlike many streamers who know another language because of a parent or time spent living in another country, JackSepticEye knows Korean because he dated someone who spoke the language. In a video that uses his "fluent" Korean as a draw, the YouTuber explained that he's practiced the language for a few years, but never really had a chance to use it until he began streaming with other players that knew Korean. Apparently, JackSepticEye's pronunciation is fairly good, although he still speaks with an Irish accent.


JackSepticEye joked that he's not actually fluent in Korean and that he just knows a bit of the language. He seemed amused that another YouTuber could amass millions of likes from false information about him, so he decided to set the record straight.

Sadly, JackSepticEye does not speak Gaelic, but he can speak in an even thicker Irish accent when he wants to rep his homeland. When paired up with Minx, JackSepticEye let a string of curses and thick Irish slang fly, much to the delight of his fans.

Fuslie is Miss Worldwide

Fuslie is known for streaming with 100 Thieves and, on occasion, with Offline TV. She's also a bit older than many viewers initially thought, spending some of her young adulthood racking up degrees and life experience that has served her well in streaming and putting up with hurtful fan messages. Unrelated to her scholarship, Fuslie also knows a bit of Chinese – both Mandarin and Cantonese. She's demonstrated that she can count in both languages. Not only that, but she can also count in Spanish and French. 


Okay, so maybe Fuslie isn't going to have any in-depth conversations with anyone in Chinese, French, or Spanish any time soon (outside of math class), but she might have a conversation with you in her true language: Gibberish. While Fuslie can speak basic phrases in seven languages, she's not too knowledgeable in any of them. Even so, it's an impressive party skill for a talented streamer.