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MultiVersus: The 4 Best Characters For 2v2

"MultiVersus" is a real contender when it comes to online multiplayer action. The fact that developer Player First Games has quickly implemented player feedback to fix the most annoying part of the game and its cheapest move bodes well for a free-to-play title, and the game's 2v2 matches are perfect for playing with a friend.

While there is always the option to duke it out with another player in 1v1 matchups, "MultiVersus" gets much more exciting when cooperating and communicating with a partner to pull off exciting combos. Throw in the addition of perk stacking, and there are plenty of ways for you and a pal to experiment with new methods for besting your online foes.

Featuring a live service plan that fans think has a ton of new characters on the way, "MultiVersus" will definitely receive frequent updates and balance changes that mix up the meta and determine what fighters work the best in battles. With the disappointing news about Season 1's delay, we won't see character changes for a bit longer. That means these four characters are currently some of the best choices for 2v2 fights.

The most potent 2v2 combinations

Within "MultiVersus," there are five different character classes. Bruisers are simple all-rounders, while Tanks are bulky and tricky to ringout while offering light support to allies. Support characters deal low damage but have multiple abilities to assist partners. Mages deal in long-ranged attacks that can pester foes, and Assassins are glass cannons capable of dealing high damage at the expense of being easier to ringout.

With these classes in mind, it's best to team up characters and classes that complement one another. Iron Giant (Tank) and Bugs Bunny (Mage), for example, are a particularly potent pair.  Giant's large, sweeping, close range attacks combined with how hard it is to knock it off the stage couples nicely with Bugs' ability to pelt opponents with all kinds of Looney Tooney projectiles. Additionally, the Iron Giant's rage mode not only briefly transforms its moveset and appearance, but allows friendly players to pilot the Giant and unleash a unique projectile attack.

Another dynamic duo for 2v2 dueling is Batman (Brawler) and Finn (Assassin). Both of these characters are easy to pickup and learn, and each one can adapt to a variety of different situations. Batman's gadgets give him a lot of versatility, while Finn's high damage sword has a hitbox that's just long reaching enough to give him the edge in most close quarter scenarios. The two work particularly well together thanks to most of Batman's moves pushing enemies in a more vertical direction while most of Finn's push foes horizontally. This ensures you and your partner can effectively knock enemies whichever direction you need to.