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The Fall Guys Crossover You Didn't Know You Needed In Your Life

What could be better than having two beloved franchises come together for one fantastic gaming experience?

Fall Guys, the record-breaking hit battle royale known for its plentiful costume offerings and rare skins, will be receiving a new outfit from another smash-hit game. Fans of Untitled Goose Game can rejoice as they will be able to channel their inner goose in Fall Guys. The new costume was announced on Twitter in the form of a rather odd video. The Tweet doesn't exactly reveal what the new outfit will look like, though it is rather amusing to watch.


This isn't the first time Fall Guys attended a mixer with a fellow successful property. A series of fan-made Fall Guys maps were made in Fortnite, giving players a new way to experience both franchises.

Recently, the developers of Fall Guys announced that Crowns, which can be exchanged for costumes, will be easier to win in Season 2. While this move has received a bit of a mixed response from fans, it's good news for all the hopeful geese in training. Though the rarity of the Untitled Goose Game costume has yet to be seen, it's reassuring to know it will be easier to obtain.

A lot of exciting things are coming out during Season 2 of Fall Guys, including a new level and some updates to current levels. The new Goose skin will be arriving just in time, so you can put your shiny new suit on for the occasion.


Like Fall Guys, Untitled Goose Game was a surprise hit after it was released, so it seems like a natural pairing to bring the two games together. The small dev team behind Untitled Goose Game managed to earn several prestigious awards, cementing its status as a major title. What greater honor could Untitled Goose Game receive than to be featured in another gaming favorite?

The goose costume will feel right at home. Many players in Fall Guys like to troll fellow competitors through cheats and exploits, hurling players off the map, and of course the controversial "Big Yeetus." Since Untitled Goose Game is all about causing frustration and havoc, this costume may only empower the more devious to let loose even further. After all, if you're wearing the suit, why not embrace the chaos? 

The new costume is slated to release on Friday, so be ready to get your goose on. And in case it's been a while, now may be the perfect time to revisit Untitled Goose Game for a quick antics refresher.