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The Bizarre Thing Corpse Husband's Fans Keep Asking Him To Do

Fans often make weird requests of celebrities, and it seems as though internet followers often feel even bolder in their interactions. Corpse Husband, streamer and purveyor of scary stories, has occasionally given fans the answers they crave in Q&A sessions he streams on YouTube.

Sometimes, the questions are innocuous. One fan asked Corpse about the significance behind his avatar, and he explained that he could have looked very different when he started out. He's also answered questions about his pet peeves, strange fan mail, and the meaning behind his name. Corpse is usually fairly open with fans, discussing private issues like his past and his health, as well as his struggles with anxiety.

Still, there are parts of himself that Corpse doesn't feel comfortable sharing. Some fans have continued to push, posting more and more invasive questions for Corpse to answer on air. However, there's one request that pushed the boundaries of what Corpse is willing to give fans.

The crazy thing fans want Corpse to do

During a Q&A session back in 2017, Corpse read questions from fans who had paid for the privilege of hearing Corpse read their thoughts live. One fan had a peculiar request for Corpse, and went about in a very direct way.

"Moan. Do it, Daddy Corpsie," one fan wrote in. Corpse quickly responded, "I'm not gonna moan, but thank you for ... you really took one for the team and donated money to write that." Corpse chuckled to himself, but seemed somewhat taken aback. Then, Corpse looked over to the chat, where fans were apparently using lewder terms to request he moan on camera. At this, Corpse sarcastically said that the chat was "very welcoming."

Corpse Husband normally holds firm on his decisions, though. Despite fans' pleas, he has refused to do a face reveal on camera. Even though a face reveal might open up some doors for Corpse, he values his privacy and doesn't plan on showing himself anytime soon. For now, all fans can do is continue asking Corpse to show them more and more of himself. After all, while it may be understandable that his song "E-Girls Are Ruining My Life" quickly became popular, even an audio clip of him breathing was enough to go viral. Perhaps, after a moan here and a hand reveal there, Corpse will give these fans what they want.