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The Best Streamers To Watch If You Love Apex Legends

For any gamer that loves battle royale style games, "Apex Legends" should be a title to watch out for. Its unique combination of characters and abilities, combined with bright maps and a humorous attitude, makes it one of the best battle royale games available. Additionally,  "Apex Legends" goes beyond battle royale with its three versus three Arenas mode, which is a much shorter game mode that can be great for warming up or when gamers don't have much time to play. 12% of people picked "Apex Legends" as their favorite battle royale game — that's pretty impressive when "Fortnite" earned almost 40% of the votes.


The "Apex Legends" streaming community is also flourishing, creeping its way up to the top Twitch categories, and supporting an emerging esports scene. If you're looking for the best "Apex Legends" streamers to watch, here are some pretty major ones you should check out. While they might not all be an Apex Predator (yet), they're still entertaining and hilarious.


Tfue is a popular streamer with almost 11 million followers on Twitch, and viewers love him for a reason. He's pretty funny to watch, and he's also an expert at "Apex Legends." When he's not making content, Tfue competes in professional battle royale competitions. What's not to love about this streamer?


Unfortunately, Tfue does come with a bit of controversy. Over the years, he's seen his fair share of famous people that can't stand him. He's also got an infamous rivalry with Ninja, one of the most popular battle royale streamers. Tfue has had problems with his former esports league, the FaZe Clan, as well, suing the group because of an oppressive gaming contract.

When it comes to "Apex Legends," Tfue generally streams for long sessions, so fans can find a time that fits their own schedule, which is helpful. For those looking for a streamer to watch in the background while working, Tfue might be the perfect bet.


Nalopia is an up and coming streamer, working almost every day to make her "Apex Legends" sessions as interesting as possible. Her donation system adds a lot to her streams, giving people incentives by playing a variety of noises anytime they donate a specific amount. She's also a content creator for Misfits, meaning that her streams are high quality — she's not just a random Twitch creator.


Nalopia does do variety streams sometimes, so you viewers will have to watch out for her "Apex Legends" streams specifically. However, since she streams so consistently, it's almost a guarantee that she'll stream "Apex Legends" fairly often.

In addition to her skills in the game, Nalopia's setup is really cozy, with LED lights set up behind her, glowing softly. It's not uncommon to see her wrapped up in a blanket either. For anyone looking for a cozy, chill, and interactive streamer, viewers can't go wrong with Nalopia.


NickMercs is another major "Apex Legends" streamer. With over 6 million Twitch followers and 4 million YouTube followers, he's amassed quite a following since the beginning of his streaming journey. A former "Warzone" player, NickMercs quit the "Call of Duty" community because of its hacking problem. Now, he streams "Apex Legends" as he pursues the rank of Apex Predator. 


Everyone's eyes have been on NickMercs as there's a possibility the streamer may start using YouTube Gaming exclusively, dropping Twitch. He's a regular on YouTube anyway, sharing clips of his streams and talking to the YouTube audience often. In fact, he recently shared a video of a hacking random teammate he had in his "Apex" game. Although he's spoken out against cheating in the past, he wanted everyone to turn a blind eye to the hacker in order for him to enjoy reaping the benefits of free RP.

Overall, NickMercs is a pretty great "Apex Legends" streamer to watch — players can learn a lot about the game and how to get better by watching his streams. His energy is always high, too, making it fun to watch his sessions.