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This Massive Game Leak Is Looking More Real By The Day

Back in 2021, gamers were shocked to hear about a major Nvidia leak, which the company confirmed was legit. While looking at cloud storage options, coder Ighor July stumbled upon a list of games that would be ported to PC, or potentially to Nvidia's GeForce Now service. At the time, Nvidia remained a little coy about the discovery, insisting that the list of applications was simply used for testing purposes, and wasn't an actual list of forthcoming games. "The list you identified is used for internal tracking and testing purposes only, including both released and/or speculative games. It does not confirm or announce any future availability," Nvidia told July. 

Still, the list seemed suspicious. Many of the games were not only unavailable on Riot or Steam – from which GeForce Now aggregates games – but not available on PC at all. Some of the games hadn't even been announced yet, with some titles seeming entirely unlikely.

Naturally, July didn't keep the list to himself. Instead, he quickly published the list on Reddit, where gamers have been diligently ticking off titles from the list as they're announced. So far, many of the games on the list have actually been confirmed — even some of the wilder ones, like "Kingdom Hearts 4," which was just announced to celebrate the franchise's 20th anniversary. As time goes on, the Nvidia leak is looking more real by the day.

Many games on the list have already been announced

Gamers have begun using the leaked list as a map to consult when rumors pop up in the gaming industry. For example, when the Nvidia leak first appeared, many gamers were surprised to see the JRPG classic "Chrono Cross" listed among more expected giants. However, gamers can now enjoy "Chrono Cross" on a variety of platforms, including PC — showing that the list was, in part, real.

Other titles seemed more likely to actually be placeholders, as Nvidia claimed in its message to July. For example, games like "Street Fighter 6" or "Monster Hunter 6" seem like inevitable continuations of popular series. Eventually, these series will continue, especially considering the success and outstanding reception of previous entries in the series.

Still, studios continue to announce games that confirm parts of the leak, leading gamers to believe that Nvidia was being a little less than truthful when saying that the list wasn't entirely real. After all, players can enjoy the "Grand Theft Auto" remasters (although Rockstar had to fix its mess after release), "Death Stranding Director's Cut," and "Final Fantasy 7 Remake" on PC. With so many confirmed or released games making their way to market after appearing on the Nvidia leak list, gamers are wondering what else could come true. 

Some things, like "Crysis 4," were confirmed shortly after the Nvidia leak, while Capcom has since teased images from "Street Fighter 6" (including a logo that was disappointing for many fans). Still, the oddest titles on the list still haven't been announced just yet.

Fans are waiting for more game announcements

One of the strangest, yet welcome items on the list are games that haven't even been announced yet. After "Kingdom Hearts 4" was confirmed, setting the gaming community ablaze with speculation, anything seems possible. One of the oddest inclusions on the list is "Helldivers 2," an alleged follow-up to "Helldivers," a dystopian top-down shooter originally released for the PS Vita and PS3. The game was developed by Arrowhead Game Studios, which claimed in late 2020 that it was working on a new third person shooter for next-gen consoles. Normally, that project could be anything, but in light of the Nvidia leak, it seems likely – or at least possible – that the studio could be working on a sequel to "Helldivers." 

Some titles on the list, like "Titanfall 3," seem far less likely. Respawn has commented several times that it doesn't plan to make a third "Titanfall" title, and is primarily focused on growing its popular battle royale, "Apex Legends." That being said, it's never impossible that the developer will choose to return to the fan-favorite franchise, and the game's inclusion in the leak has given the fan community a shred of hope.

It's nearly impossible to know if the Nvidia leak will come completely true, or if some of the titles on the list really were placeholders, but one thing is certain. Many of the games listed have been confirmed, meaning that for fans awaiting the next "BioShock" game or the next "Total War," there's at least hope. As more games from the list begin to come true, the leak only seems more accurate. While a game's place in the leaked list surely doesn't confirm it, it at least provides gamers with a potential roadmap for what games could be on the way soon.