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MultiVersus Fans Shocked By New Character Appearance

The open beta for free-to-play platform fighter "MultiVersus" is well underway now, and the title has made a big splash within the fighting game genre. With the promise of continuous updates, like fixing the most annoying part of the game and the possibility of a ton more characters on the way, now is a great time to join in on the fun. Of course, there are a few things to learn and keep in mind, such as "perk stacking" and why it's important.

If you've followed the news for MultiVersus, you'll know that its had its fair share of leaks. Gameplay has made the rounds ahead of schedule, while parts of the roster and even the existence of the game itself were spoiled before their formal announcements. Plenty of leaks have hinted at a massive roster, and these rumors now look even more legitimate thanks to one of the characters showing up in online lobbies: Rick Sanchez. 

Things are starting to get schwifty

While everyone's favorite chaotic, dimension-hopping grandpa has already been officially confirmed by "MultiVersus" developer Player First Games, the "Rick and Morty" lead hasn't received official gameplay yet. This makes it very odd that both Twitter user mirrormantf and smash_creeper have posted moments from their streams where they saw Rick appear in the game. 

Though they didn't fight against or alongside Rick, they saw him appear in the character select screen as a choice for the random players they teamed up with. While it would be great for this to be some kind of promotional tease for the character, it's most likely the product of players hacking the title, like dataminer LusiaMV did (via TheGamer). Of course, after making Rick playable and posting the footage, LusiaMV's Twitter account was suspended. Similarly, plenty of videos have popped up on YouTube showing leaked gameplay of Rick, and there will likely be more before he finally joins the game for good. 

With so much excitement regarding the announcements and leaks of new characters, it would seem that "MultiVersus" has replaced "Smash Bros." in more than one way. Constant speculation about what classic characters are lined up to join the fray was a huge part of the online buzz that "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" generated as it and its DLC were being revealed. Even if the rest of the leaks for "MultiVersus" turn out to be spoiled like Rick, seeing the characters officially jump into the action is undeniably exciting — especially when they can all be unlocked for free.