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Netflix's Horizon Zero Dawn Just Added Some Major Umbrella Academy Talent

More and more video game properties are being made into TV shows — and the move is paying off in a big way. Amazon is making new shows out of beloved games "Life is Strange" and "Disco Elysium," a brief look at the "Fallout" TV series sparked fan debate, and "The Last of Us" teaser has fans going wild with how, so far, it seems to be staying true to the source material. Sony in particular seems to have a special interest in turning its gaming worlds into ones fit for binge-watching. "God of War" fans got the best TV news when Amazon picked up the story of Kratos, and Netflix is hard at work on creating its interpretation of Aloy's journey through "Horizon: Zero Dawn."


Details on the "Horizon: Zero Dawn" series have been few, aside from a leak revealing the series' Canadian setting, but we now know that Steve Blackman, producer and showrunner for the popular Netflix series "Umbrella Academy," has signed on to develop Aloy's leap to TV.

More Aloy is on the way

In an interview with Netflix's companion site Tudum, Blackman talked about his work on the upcoming fourth season for "Umbrella Academy," and additional projects he has in motion with Netflix. One of which, of course, being the presently unnamed adaptation for "Horizon: Zero Dawn." When asked about this new project, Blackman expressed his admiration for the fully-realized world that developer Guerrilla Games created with the original title and also made it clear that, despite the enormous challenge of creating such a series, he's excited about the opportunity it presents.


Additionally, he revealed that his writing partner for the project is Michelle Lovretta. With her work as the creator and executive producer for the television series "Lost Girl" and "Killjoys," Lovretta brings plenty of TV production and writing talent to the "Horizon: Zero Dawn" adaptation. 

"Horizon: Zero Dawn" isn't the only game getting the TV treatment, and Sony has multiple games being adapted. It's been years since we've had a "Twisted Metal" game, but the TV series starring the carnage-loving clown Sweet Tooth seems to be progressing well since it nabbed its second MCU actor. Even "Gravity Rush 2" which was a bit of a gaming flop for Sony is now reportedly being turned into a film, thanks to PlayStation Productions. 


Hopefully, Blackman's love of "Horizon: Zero Dawn" and his track record of creating quality shows will help make the Netflix adaptation just right.