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The Biggest Streamer Face Reveals Of All Time

With toxic fans and scary stalking situations, there are plenty of reasons that streamers might want to keep their identities a secret. Streaming is mentally and sometimes physically taxing, and having privacy in their daily lives is sometimes the only thing tethering streamers to the real world, away from the prying eyes of internet fandom. That said, sometimes those faceless streamers want to open up to fans in a new way or diversify their content, branching out into the world of IRL streaming. In those cases, a face reveal is in order.


Face reveals could be huge events, with weeks of build up to the big day, or they can be as quiet as using a face cam for the first time on stream with no other mention of the change. All of the streamers on this list decided to show their faces to the world for one reason or another, but each has taken a different approach to the big reveal. Here's how these streamers shared themselves with the internet and came out of hiding.


Yamikaze, who more often just goes by Yami, didn't use a face cam when he first began streaming. Instead, he let his "League of Legends" skills speak for themselves. He slowly amassed a following, all without leaning on looks to get him there. After beginning streaming in 2016, Yami eventually decided to reveal his face three years later, in 2019. However, he wouldn't actually post a video with his face for a year.


The video was unassuming, with Yami simply presenting himself to the camera. He said that he shot and reshot the video multiple times to get it just right, and then launched into a joke about conspiracy theories and how girls aren't real. After he showed himself, Yami began using his face cam while playing "League of Legends," showing off his skills and his smile.

In 2021, Yami updated his fans that he'd gone to Korea to take part in a boot camp program for "League of Legends" players. Unfortunately, due to visa issues, he couldn't stay in the country and ended up returning home. He said that he wasn't sure what he'd end up doing once he got back to his normal life, though, and played with the possibility of going back to school and moving on with his normal life. Yami hasn't posted new content since 2021.



With a click of the wrong button, Swedish streamer Anomaly blew his identity. Known for playing "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive," Anomaly grew his fanbase by wearing a ski mask while playing online. He also recruited his father in some of his videos, calling him Papanomaly and inviting him to take quizzes and create non-videogame-related content with him. However, during one game in 2021, Anomaly accidentally revealed his face to the world.


While trying to click to a different screen and show his viewers another perspective, Anomaly turned on his face cam. The streamer wasn't ready with his mask, so viewers were treated with seeing his real identity. Anomaly initially denied that the picture he'd revealed was his face, but then he began laughing, letting viewers in on the reality of the situation.

One fan commented on the incident, writing in a YouTube comment, "A man who can laugh about losing his whole gimmick is a true legend." Another viewer said that Anomaly was less concerned about people knowing his identity than maintaining a character he'd created. Anomaly continues to game while wearing a ski mask, and even built a gaming studio while wearing his signature getup. Showing his face didn't really change much, but it did give some fans a new appreciation for the streamer's dedication to his brand.


Disguised Toast

Disguised Toast rose to fame in 2020, streaming with other familiar faces like Valkyrae and Sykkuno while playing "Among Us." Some gamers might have wondered where the "Disguised" part of Toast's name came from, since he frequently streamed with a face camera. It turns out that years earlier Toast had a different life participating in "Hearthstone" matches, and he kept his identity a secret for some time. The thing is, he only did it as a joke.


Toast initially became a faceless streamer because – since he didn't speak on camera – he thought his logo was the most familiar thing about him. Eventually, as Toast's content changed, growing beyond "Hearthstone," he decided it was time to show people who he really was. He began streaming with the mask as well, but he confessed that it was uncomfortable to wear a piece of cardboard taped to his head, and that he was tired of the gimmick. Toast had a face reveal stream where he took off the mask for the first time, saying that viewers who didn't want to ruin their mental image of him should turn away.

Since then, Toast has moved on to have a successful streaming career, playing a variety of different games and chatting with his dedicated fanbase.



Dream is likely one of the most famous content creators on this list, with over 30 million subscribers on YouTube alone. The "Minecraft" creator is known for forming the Dream SMP, a private survival-based multiplayer server composed of Dream and his friends. Dream frequently streamed without a face cam and represented himself as having a blank, stick figure-like face. A musician at heart, he even wrote and released a song discussing how his mask protects him from the outside world.


Dream fans suspected that a face reveal was on the horizon when his friend George mentioned that he'd be visiting the United States, where Dream lives. Unfortunately, they'd have to wait until October to finally see Dream. Late in September 2022, Dream announced that he'd be doing a long-awaited face reveal. The YouTuber explained that his friend Georgenotfound was actually moving to Florida to live with him and friend Sapnap, and that he'd reveal his face to his friends first, then his fans. The big day arrived, and Dream's reveal had streamers going wild with warm reactions to seeing their friend and collaborator for the first time. Of course, seeing Dream's face always blew the internet away, as well, and fans expressed that they were proud of their favorite creator for the decidedly brave move.



Dr Disrespect is one of the most recognizable internet personalities, but some fans might not be used to seeing him without his luscious black mullet, sunglasses, and tactical vest. While his identity was never a secret per se, the Two Time Champ let his guard down while guesting on the H3 podcast.


After filming was over, one of the show's hosts, Ethan Klein, took off the Dr Disrespect-styled costume he'd been wearing, throwing down his gear on the table. The Doc followed suit, tossing his own glasses and wig down and showing everyone his face. While Dr Disrespect doesn't stay in character all the time, it's clear that his persona while streaming is different from his real personality. Wearing the wig and glasses are a big part of how the Doc seems to get into character and get ready to stream for his fellow champions.

Dr Disrespect has continued streaming on YouTube, though his content sometimes looks a bit different from the "Call of Duty" heavy stream it once was. The Two Time had a falling out with "Call of Duty" and has tried to diversify his gaming habits since losing interest in the game. He's even creating his own game with his studio Midnight Society – and it's already causing an uproar.



Schrodingerlee has built a following throughout 2022 with his sultry voice and mysterious persona. For most of his streams, he didn't show his face, choosing instead to film from the neck down or forgo a face cam entirely. The streamer then embarked on a massive undertaking: a 100 hour subathon, culminating in a face reveal. The stream was meant to celebrate the anniversary of his becoming a Twitch Partner, and the mood was definitely wholesome, with viewers eagerly awaiting his face reveal.


When the moment finally came, viewers were ecstatic to see how handsome Schrodingerlee was. He shyly smiled and assured his viewers that he would use his face cam occasionally, though he didn't plan to show his face regularly. After his stream, Schrodingerlee tweeted, "rat has finally come out of hiding." His friends and fans responded that he was "looking good for no reason" and unbelievably handsome.

Schrodingerlee continues to play a variety of games on his Twitch channel, including "Valorant" and "Minecraft."


Videogamedunkey, or Jason Gastrow, never hid his identity from the internet or had a dramatic face reveal, but he also didn't advertise himself. Dunkey's videos rarely – if ever – used footage of his face, and mostly consisted of voiceovers layered over game footage and graphics. However, Dunkey didn't need a face cam to win over gamers, who continuously tuned into his YouTube videos for his game criticism and commentary. Perhaps one of the most distinctive things about Dunkey is his voice, which has a lilting, specific cadence. His voice apparently led some viewers to believe he looked quite different from reality.


Over the years, Dunkey's fans have been repeatedly shocked to learn that he's not a Black man. One gamer said that they'd believed Dunkey was black because "of the way he talked. Then I saw his dance video. 'That big white guy? Can't be him!'" Another viewer noted that when they saw Dunkey for the first time, they actually thought he was making fun of someone else dancing, and never thought that the dancing person was Dunkey himself.

Dunkey and his wife Leah are beginning a new business venture in the form of an indie game studio, Bigmode, and gamers are eager to see what the pair do next.


While fans are used to seeing Jschlatt's face now, there was a time when the gamer never used a face cam. Jschlatt frequently made "Minecraft" content, and worked diligently to defeat the Ender Dragon battle at the end of the game. After finally beating the deadly foe, Jschlatt did a brief, unceremonious face reveal.


"I've been trying to film something for like, 30 minutes. This is what I look like. I'm done," Jschlatt said, laughing. He then turned off his camera and took a well-deserved break.

Many fans on the face reveal's YouTube video struggled to remember when Jschlatt was a faceless streamer, noting that the gamer now frequently vlogs without inhibition. Other fans commented that Jschlatt used to look much younger as a clean-shaven "Minecraft" player, as he now has a muttonchop beard.

Jschlatt has pivoted from "Minecraft" content, broadening his horizons. He recently teamed up with Ludwig to combat YouTube's strict copyright policies by recording license-free tracks for content creators to use indiscriminately. The days of being a faceless streamer are clearly long behind him.



Dakotaz made his name as an early "Fortnite" fan and "PUBG" gamer, streaming himself playing the game and sharing heartfelt conversations with his chat. However, he never used his face cam, and only represented himself with a cartoon wolf. Eventually, Dakotaz wanted to chat with his fans more intimately, in the Just Chatting category on Twitch, but doing that required him to show his face.


The gamer revealed himself during an ordinary stream, sharing how he envisioned his content would change. "Hello, how are you guys doing? That's me!" he said. The streamer said that he hadn't been on camera in ages, but that he was excited to share himself with his viewers. However, that's not quite how things worked out for Dakotaz. His most recent Twitch streams look similar to his older ones, devoid of a face cam and full of "Fortnite" content.

Unfortunately, according to YouTuber SunnyV2, shortly after revealing himself Dakotaz turned off the camera once again, falling into a depressive episode that would plague his career for some time.


In early 2021, Dream fans found out that their favorite YouTuber moved in with his longtime friend Sapnap. This meant, of course, that Sapnap knew what Dream looked like before his face reveal, but it also meant that Dream knew what Sapnap looked like, as the gamer didn't use face cam in his streams. Even though the faceless duo knew each other in real life, their fans had no clue what either of them looked like. Unlike Dream, Sapnap didn't decide to host a big face reveal or hype up his fans leading up to the moment. Instead, he just began streaming with a facecam unceremoniously. Sapnap turned on his camera one day and said hello to his fans, humming to himself. He confirmed he was using his face cam, and proceeded on with his stream, only noting once that it seemed like his chat was enjoying seeing his face.


Since then, Sapnap hasn't been shy about showing his face on camera, and has even done some fun IRL videos, like eating foods from "Minecraft" and rating them according to tastiness. Sapnap also talked about what living with Dream is like, commenting that he once felt like it might be fun to take an Instagram photo with his roommate, but the novelty eventually wore off. He said that it was tiring to not be able to go out with his best friend, and that he wanted to go do things in public. Hopefully the friends can enjoy being out and about now that Dream has shown his face to the world.