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Streamers You May Not Know Are Musicians

Streamers have a skill set that makes them perfect for crossing over into the music industry. After all, they're used to being on camera and interacting with fans, and they've spent time thinking about their personal brands and how to market their personalities. Plus, the built in fanbase doesn't hurt a bit. That being said, only a few select streamers have made the jump into full blown music careers, complete with viral singles and newfound popularity outside of the streaming community.


Some of the streamers on this list started as gamers and morphed into pop sensations, while others have just released a single or two. Some streamers firmly stay in the realm of joke songs and one-off diss tracks, while others are legitimate pop stars in their own right, complete with music videos and rabid fans who turn out in droves for their tunes. Regardless of their level of fame in the field, here are streamers you may not know are also musicians.


It's hard to remember what PewDiePie was like before all the fame and notorious feuds. The YouTuber has an impressive number of records under his metaphorical belt, even making it into the "Guinness Book of World Records" for having the most subscribers on YouTube. However, that record was challenged a few years later by T-Series, an Indian music channel. To make his case for why he should remain the most subscribed channel, PewDiePie took to an unconventional method of spreading the word that he wanted to stay on top: music.


The YouTuber created a song (and accompanying music video) titled "B**** Lasagna," a diss track aimed at T-Series. In some ways, the song is a parody, but many viewers have alleged that it certifiably slaps. Lyrically, "B**** Lasagna" is fairly straightforward, with PewDiePie rapping through autotune and straight-up challenging T-Series, saying, "C'mon, T-Series, looking hungry for some drama." The song plainly details why PewDiePie is superior to T-Series, playfully poking fun at the other channel. "B**** Lasagna" was eventually banned in India, but it wasn't the only PewDiePie track to get axed. Another single from Pewds called "Coco" — a diss track aimed at children's channel "Cocomelon" — was removed by YouTube over safety concerns. Since "B**** Lasagna," PewDiePie has released several singles, many of which are of a similar irreverent tone.


Ultimately, T-Series did overtake PewDiePie's record in May 2019, but fans will always have the most delicious lasagna to remember the feud by.


IShowSpeed, or Speed, suddenly surged in popularity after years of streaming. He quickly became known for his temper and his IRL antics, and earned a reputation for flying off the handle quickly. For example, he came under fire for screaming at a kid while streaming, and he earned a "Valorant" ban for going on a misogynist rant against a teammate. Regardless, there's no denying that Speed is popular, with over 10 million YouTube subscribers tuning into his every move. What many of his fans might not know is that IShowSpeed is also trying to build his music career while growing his streaming audience.


Speed has released a few singles, including "Shake" and "Bounce that A$$," the latter of which samples "Giorno's Theme" from the anime "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure." Speed's flow lives up to his name, his rhymes hitting listeners quickly and accompanied by frenzied, pounding beats. The music has clearly found an audience, as IShowSpeed has over 1.5 million listeners on Spotify.

Some Speed fans weren't expecting his music to hit like it does. One commenter wrote, "I was definitely not expecting this to be as good as it is," while others speculated what an IShowSpeed concert would be like.

FaZe Jarvis

FaZe Jarvis has shown a shady side in the past, and many gamers might remember him from when he made news back in 2019 by being permanently banned from "Fortnite." Jarvis made a video showing off auto-aim software during matches, and was subsequently banned by Epic. After mourning his "Fortnite" days, FaZe Jarvis tried to use the momentum of his ban to boost an entirely different side of his career.


FaZe Jarvis released a single and music video, "Banned 4 Life," where he raps about his experience with Epic Games. The song features trap beats and references to designer brands like Gucci, sounding every bit like a legit rap single. In the description for the video, Jarvis claimed, "This is a joke, of course," but many viewers didn't find it funny. Instead, hordes of commenters told Jarvis to keep his rap to himself. 

"Jarvis, you have hidden talent. Keep it hidden," one commenter said. Others claimed that the music video and song were just another example of how the streamer made his career all about his ban from "Fortnite."

Dr Disrespect

Even though Dr Disrespect seems like a tough guy, he fancies himself more of an artist than many fans might have expected. In 2022, Dr Disrespect hinted that he was looking to take his music career to the next level by potentially releasing a full album, but in the meantime, fans can enjoy his many singles.


While the Doc might be known for his high-energy FPS sessions, his music takes the complete opposite approach to entertainment, often providing ethereal vibes and synthwave aesthetics. Some of the Doc's singles, like "Gamerobics," work to promote brands he works with, while others simply provide a relaxing synth experience for fans. 

"Alleyways" is likely the Doc's most recognizable song, appearing in many of his streams. Even those who don't regularly tune in to the arena are entranced by Dr Disrespect's music. One listener commented, "I'm not even a DrDisRespect viewer but this song is an absolute banger and would get me hyped to watch his content." Another fan said that music was one of the Doc's hidden talents, and that this specific song is a testament to having a good attitude about negative situations. Released in 2020, the song likely references Dr Disrespect's ban from Twitch, which has since fueled a feud between the streamer and gaming platform.


Corpse Husband

Corpse Husband has over 7.5 million subscribers on YouTube and a rabid fanbase watching his every move, but the faceless streamer produces music on his own schedule, often going silent for stretches of time. However, something keeps fans coming back to Corpse's music, entranced by his raps and hard-hitting beats.


Corpse Husband originally rose to internet fame by streaming "Among Us" with friends like Valkyrae and Sykkuno, among others. He eventually translated his platform into a full-blown music career, complete with viral hit singles. Corpse has a raspy, extremely deep voice – partially due to GERD, amongst other medical issues – which gives his rap a unique flair. His most famous single, "E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE!," has over 52 million views on YouTube and has gone viral on social media platforms like TikTok. Through a savvy social media campaign, Corpse even managed to get a billboard promoting his music in Times Square, bringing the song to even more listeners.

For the most part, Corpse Husband has refused to get specific about what's next for his music career. His singles span a variety of different genres, including lo-fi, trap, and rap-rock. No matter what, it's clear that Corpse is open to experimenting with his style and trying new things – and fans are along for the ride.



LilyPichu is an accomplished streamer, frequently working with OfflineTV and breaking into the voice acting industry by appearing in a number of video game and anime roles. While she revealed the harsh truth that she'd spent far more money in "Genshin Impact" than she'd been paid for voicing a character in the game, LilyPichu has truly made the most of her time online. However, some fans might not know that LilyPichu also has a side project as a singer, penning her own dreamy beats and uploading them to an alternate YouTube channel, Comfi Beats.


LilyPichu had her first in-person concert on Aug. 12, 2022, singing to a sold-out venue. Called Comfi Beats, the concert was livestreamed on Scarra's Twitch channel, allowing those who weren't able to snag a ticket to still get in on the fun. To celebrate the concert, LilyPichu also released a line of cute merch with graphics that captured the cozy vibe of her music.

On Twitter, LilyPichu jokingly explained that she channels all of her negative emotions into her music, sharing her deepest sadnesses in her cute, bubbly tunes.


Fans still haven't gotten the Dream face reveal they've been waiting for, but that doesn't mean that they haven't enjoyed his content in the meantime. The faceless streamer creates a variety of "Minecraft" videos on his Dream SMP server, where he creates inventive challenges and worlds with friends like TommyInnit and GeorgeNotFound. The Dream SMP server took the gaming world by storm, providing a bridge between YouTube and "Minecraft" and getting many viewers into gaming for themselves, opening up a world of creative building in the sandbox style game. That being said, Dream doesn't just create "Minecraft" wonderlands. He also has a small music career where he shares his vulnerable side.


In a song called "Mask," Dream offered some insight into why he chooses to hear his signature white mask. "Mask" supposes that Dream's mask – a simple white circle with a smile – allows him to cover up all of the hurt he's experienced throughout his life. While it's unclear how autobiographical the song is, Dream has spoken about his tragic experiences with depression before.

Wilbur Soot

Lovejoy is an indie rock band with several singles and a loyal following online. What many fans might not know is that its co-founder and lead singer, Wilbur Soot, is also known for streaming. Soot got his start streaming "Minecraft," accidentally stumbling into the world of live content creation when he wanted to join a server that demanded all its participants stream their adventures. Soot told Anthony Padilla in an interview that he never really wanted to stream, but decided he might as well in order to gain access to the exclusive server. Eventually, Soot joined the Dream SMP server, and things only got bigger from there.


Soot told Anthony Padilla that he turned to music during a low point in his life. He began playing ukulele just to distract himself from his problems, but he quickly found that music was much more important to him than he realized. He soon joined a band, agreeing to play an instrument he'd never played before. Things didn't go so well there, and he left to form his own band, which resulted in Lovejoy. In the interview, Soot said that he felt that the band became famous because of his experience as a streamer, but he hopes to make the band something that is genuinely beloved by gamers and non-gamers alike.

Stephanie Poetri

It's not every day that the streamer who guns you down in "Apex Legends" is also a talented songwriter, but Stephanie Poetri fits both of those descriptors. On Spotify, Poetri has over 1 million monthly listeners who follow her for her for her smooth pop tunes, but many of her listeners may not know she's also a huge gamer. On her Twitch channel, Poetri mostly streams "Apex Legends," but she also hosts regular songwriting streams, giving viewers insight into her creative process.


In addition to writing music, recording songs, playing "Apex Legends," and managing her multiple social media accounts, Poetri is also a visual artist. She frequently posts images she's drawn online and shares progress pictures with fans. Overall, there may not be a type of art that Poetri can't do. This multitalented streamer truly does it all.

Fans can hear Poetri's songwriting skills on her EP, "Oh to be in love," which includes 5 dreamy tracks.

Albert Chang

Albert Chang, who goes by SleightlyMusical on Twitch, has indulged in a great number of hobbies over the years. He began streaming his 3D printing adventures, but eventually turned to creating music. Chang has always been musically inclined, playing violin and creating songs on his Twitch channel. In 2020, he released a full length lofi album, titled "reboot.exe." His lofi music is DMCA-free, so other streamers can use it without fear of being hit by a copyright notice or a suspension. In the YouTube description for the album, Chang noted that it was meant for "for those starting over again." Overall, Chang's smooth lofi is perfect for long gaming sessions, or just tuning out the world.


However, Chang doesn't just make music. He is also a talented magician. While he doesn't always do magic on his Twitch channel, Chang has been known to share a tip or two. In 2021 he announced on Twitter that he'd been accepted as a member of the Magic Castle, a prestigious collective of magicians.


Immediately upon its release, fans couldn't stop talking about Amouranth's music video for her single, "Down Bad." The controversial Twitch streamer and OnlyFans star said that she intentionally made "Down Bad," well, bad, because she knows that terrible songs get more repeat views than good ones. She also made sure to show off her assets in the music video, wearing a series of exciting outfits while dancing, drinking slushies, and hanging out with streamers like Hasan Piker, Ethan Klein, and Ludwig. Fans were quick to critique the song, with some joking that it was unlistenable.


Amouranth is known for her often scandalous Twitch videos, during which she frequently works out or does ASMR streams in a suggestive manner. However, she also has a keen eye for making money, even buying gas stations as investments she can enjoy for years to come.

Amouranth claimed that her controversial music video was only the beginning, saying that she intended her first single to be a goofy take on the genre and that her next work would be much stronger. However, she's yet to release another single since "Down Bad." She has, however, commented on other streamers' music careers, dissing both Dr Disrespect and Jake Paul's singles.

Bella Poarch

Bella Poarch is famous on TikTok, but many fans might not know she's also a pop star. Poarch often streams on Twitch, both alone and with her friends. She's especially close with Valkyrae, and has streamed with her often in the past. The two have teamed up to cook Filipino food together and celebrate their shared culture. Poarch also got Valkyrae a surprise for her birthday, flying her mom out to see her. In other words, the pair of streamers are close and enjoy spending time together. In addition to these old-fashioned team-ups Poarch often collaborates with her streaming friends in her own way: by including them in her music videos.


Her single "Inferno" showed off many of her famous friends, featuring a host of major streamers in cameo roles. That being said, Poarch has explained that the song also holds a lot of meaning for her, and that it helped speak about her experience as a victim of sexual assault. She has continued featuring streamers in videos to singles like "Dolls." Poarch just released her first EP, also titled "Dolls," which is currently available on all major platforms.

If you or anyone you know has been a victim of sexual assault, help is available. Visit the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network website or contact RAINN's National Helpline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).


MrBeast is best known for his over-the-top stunt and giveaway videos, like his "Squid Game" recreation. However, he's also known for making famous connections that many can only dream of. For instance, the YouTuber recently admitted he'd always wanted to be featured on a number 1 music track. And since MrBeast isn't particularly musically inclined, he once again had to rely on his connections to make his dream happen.


And so, MrBeast revealed his hilarious secret collab with BTS and Snoop Dogg, explaining that he'd appeared on their new single, "Bad Decisions." What was his contribution? A press of a single high hat button. MrBeast enjoyed a credit in the song's liner notes, realizing his dream of breaking into the music industry in an entirely unexpected way. It's likely that this project will be a one-off thing for the YouTuber, and it doesn't seem that he's planning on dropping any singles of his own.