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SNES Games That Need To Come To Nintendo Switch Online In 2021

Retro gaming is alive and well, and the proof is in the numbers. When Nintendo released the NES Classic mini consoles, they sold like hotcakes. The company followed up with an SNES Classic, but later discontinued both products. As upsetting as it may have been for the fans, there was a good reason for this move.


Nintendo brought NES games to the Switch as part of a free bonus for Nintendo Online members. It's a great perk that helped to win nearly 10 million subscribers less than a year after the service went live. SNES games soon followed, which sweetened the deal even more. With official manuals from Nintendo and a Super Nintendo controller for the Switch, you can kick back like it's 1995 and enjoy some prime 16-bit action.

In 2020, Nintendo Switch Online kept it old school by rolling out some great games for both collections. Even so, the NES and SNES had massive libraries. In that regard, Nintendo has barely scratched the surface. With such a deep catalog, what can gamers expect to see in 2021? These are some SNES games that need to come to Nintendo Switch Online.


Earthworm Jim

"Earthworm Jim! He's such a groovy guy!" And while his creator may not be such a groovy guy, there's no denying that Earthworm Jim was an important game in its day. It's so good, it's worth buying an old console just to embark on a journey to rescue Princess What's-Her-Name from the evil Queen Slug-for-a-Butt. You heard that right.


It's Earthworm Jim's off-beat humor and wacky style that really make it a memorable experience. After all, how cool is it to play as a giant worm in a super space suit that gives him arms and legs and grants him the ability to use his own body as a weapon?

While the first Earthworm Jim was successful enough to spawn a hit sequel, the future was not bright for this poor forgotten mascot. After a bungled venture into 3D platforming, his popularity drastically fell, and the '90s hero has yet to make a comeback.

Regardless, Earthworm Jim is remembered fondly and would make an excellent addition to Nintendo Switch Online's SNES collection. The Sega Genesis Mini got Jim, so why can't Nintendo fans get in on the fun as well?


The Lost Vikings

What are three hairy Norsemen to do when they are abducted by an evil alien committed to curating a collection of species from different planets? Simple. Team up and use their unique abilities to solve puzzles, travel through space and time, and return home to their families.


The Lost Vikings was a truly unique title that combined platforming and puzzle-solving into a brilliantly wacky adventure. It stars Erik the Swift, who can run, jump, and bust down walls with his hearty skull; Baleog the Fierce, who's the team's weapons expert; and Olaf the Stout, who brings a shield that blocks attacks, lets him float, and provides a boost for the others.

Josh Wirtanen of Retrovolve called it "one of Blizzard's oldest treasures," and for good reason. It truly is a forgotten classic. While there was a Lost Vikings 2 (which would make a nice addition to the SNES collection as well), the sad reality for fans is that The Lost Vikings will never be a trilogy. Still, that doesn't mean you shouldn't treasure the first two. 


The Lost Vikings can be downloaded free for PC courtesy of Blizzard's website, so maybe it'll make the jump to the Switch at some point.

Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger was ranked the number one RPG of all time by IGN. In her summary of the game, writer Meghan Sullivan said that "we're still gobsmacked by its originality and ingenuity." As Sullivan noted, this is especially impressive when one considers that the incredibly popular game came out in 1995.


And what's not to love? The soundtrack is remarkable, the characters and story are compelling, awesome alternate endings give it tons of replay value, and the battle system is a joy. Chrono Trigger is simply a masterpiece, and it needs to come to Nintendo Switch Online's SNES collection.

Another beloved RPG, Secret of Mana, made it to the Switch as part of the Mana series collection. Is it possible that a similar release for Chrono Trigger could prevent Nintendo Online subscribers from enjoying the game as a part of the included membership service? Even though it would be a pleasure to play Chrono Trigger on the Switch no matter how it's distributed, free is always better. 

Hopefully, Chrono Trigger will be added to the Nintendo Switch Online library in 2021. One thing's for sure: it's more likely that fans will see the game on the Switch than a third installment in the series.